On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup


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• What if Trump’s all-male photo ops aren’t gaffes, but strategies? [The New York Times]

• On crafts and radical protest movements. [The Establishment]

• Oof, Cold War episodes of Mr. Rogers have emerged, almost as if to warn Donald Trump against an arms race. [Quartz]

• Sanctuary cities are working together to protect the undocumented community. [Remezcla]

• “There’s a queer Mexican-American girl superhero in a movie that just made $40 million on its opening weekend. That’s so huge.” [Autostraddle]

• You can use 5 Calls to oppose Justice Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court.

• Tunde Olaniran wants you to be present, open and joyful at his shows. And he really wants you to dance.

Queen Sugar explores the ways that capitalism has depended and still depends on exploited labor, building connections between the enslavement of African Americans, to Latino guest workers, to sex workers, and sex tourism.

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