On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup


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• This Daily Mail cover is so sexist. [Teen Vogue]

• When will Bill O’Reilly and his racist drivel go away? [Jezebel]

• On The Voice and the empty promise of the American Dream. [The Atlantic]

• Dave Chappelle: Your homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic rants aren’t funny. [The Establishment]

• These new posters for American Gods are very exciting. [Buzzfeed]

• You can use 5 Calls to oppose Justice Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court.

From the archives: There is no clearer indication of which lives matter to a society than how it treats its people in the aftermath of a big storm.

• We gathered for a roundtable on schoolyard scandal, parents, and murder predictions on Big Little Lies.

• What would our lives, movements, and communities look like if we moved towards restoration, not cure?

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from https://bitchmedia.org/article/our-radar%E2%80%94feminist-news-roundup/american-dream


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