An ode to love

Some of you might find the text below a bit juicy or unneeded. But for me it’s necessary to share it public. So think what you want, because I’m going to write it anyway haha. 

Today is march 30 2017. The day that Santana and I are officially a couple for one year. And it was a year full of love. Santana, this is for you:

The moment I met you was true love at first sight. It feltimmediately like I known you for years. We had phone calls that lasted hours. There was nothing holding us back, there were no walls, just plain blind trust. You told me everything about your history and I told mine. We were at our happiest when we were together and missed eachother within 5 minutes when we weren’t together. 

In the very early beginning you got pretty sick and I stayed by your sight that whole night. For you this was a sign we were sitting on something special. You started experiencing naturism this year, something you never saw yourself doing, and you loved it. Now one year later you’re promoting it by my side. 

We both got a loving family in love which goes very well. My family accepted and trusted you pretty quick and your family did the same vice versa. Also a lot of our loving friends appreciate and respect what we build up this last year. 

And off course there were some downsides like not getting your school diploma twice and the heart problems of your father. I know these things are going thru your mind and that it worries you. But you also know that we can make everything happen as long as we’re together. 

You joined me in the truck several times and respect my work and how I feel about it. Also when the company asked me to be a mentor driver next to my normal work, you supported me and convinced me that i could carry that responsibility. And when it comes to support, you truly are the best. Like the accident last week. The adrenaline got less the day after and reality kicked in. Very hard. You saw the mental pain I was experiencing and comforted me instantly. You kept an eye on me the entire week and also supported me when I decided to call the company where the guy from the van was working to get some questions answered. I couldn’t have got thru that week without you and I thank you for that. 

And of course the crown on our relation: our pregnancy. Just a few more weeks and we can see, touch and kiss our newborn. Our child. The combo of our blood, our love. All and all this was a very special year that went by very fast. It also was the first year of many to come. 

I love you during the day

I love you during the night 

I love you every second 24/7

It never stops

It only grows

My love for you ❤



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