Ok back at it.

Always amazes me how I start out with great attentions of maintaining the blog and plan on weekly updates and then wheels fall off that train.   So over the last while I have only hit a few nude yoga classes at lunch as they are small classes and only so many can attend. So work has either made me miss them or they have filled up before I could get my name on it.    So first time doing the class and it was exciting and the thrill of being naked, then I hit the 3rd or 4th one and it was not even thought of as excitement but just as a normal yoga class.   Can’t imagine doing one now in a regular setting with clothes on.   I have got myself back on the list to attend 3 more in April and look forward to them.   Years ago doing yoga would never have entered my mind let alone doing it nude with other guys and women.   So what comes next,  maybe sitting around with the friends made at yoga and just being naked and enjoying life.   I really believe everyone should try being naked with strangers to see how much you learn of each other and not how you look without fancy clothes.   The Europeans have it right where they accept nudity more openly.   I think so much stress would leave this world if everyone got naked for a day.  Maybe that is what we need is a holiday to celebrate being naked.  Just my thoughts.  What are your thoughts.

from https://nudistinhiding.wordpress.com/2017/03/29/ok-back-at-it


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