‘If you don’t put me down I’m never speaking to you again!!!!!!!!!’


That first naturist outing of the season…you know when the weather is fine and lovely, yet the sea remains ever so slightly chilly? Picked up, thrown over the other half’s shoulder and threatened with an early season ‘dunking’.

Fortunately, he didn’t carry out his threat, but proceeded to remain irritating by photobombing my selfies.

Both poses (along with a couple of others that don’t really lend themselves to a naturist brief) can be found at the Frimon Store.  They’re all free, just dependent on you wearing your Fab Free or SLF&O or other group tags).


from https://theslnaturist.com/2017/03/30/if-you-dont-put-me-down-im-never-speaking-to-you-again/


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