Pence is a Weirdo, UberBae, & Derby Bruises

Sex with Timaree named by Thrillist for great Philly podcasts. The activist guide for fostering LGBT pride in your community. An interview with Amber Hikes, Philly’s new LGBT Affairs Director. Mike Pence can’t have dinner with a woman alone, other than his wife. Uber driver finds out boyfriend is cheating after driving side chick to his apartment. Conflicting rules about trans teens and high school wrestling. Turning derby bruises into art.

sandwich board says its ok.jpgBe a part of the next SEXx: Sex as Resistance on May 17th- we’re looking for TEDx style talks and live performances. Check out Naked Truth Quizzo: burlesque and trivia every Tuesday at Toasted Walnut. Honeygasm, the wildest and weirdest in burlesque is April 2nd. The next DTF: Darryl and Timaree Fun Hour is April 14th. Support Sex with Timaree by becoming a Patreon sustaining member.

Italian judge rules against sexual assault charge because the victim didn’t scream. Clickbait Cosmo article actually reveals interesting debate on men deriving power from getting partners to orgasm. Iowa bill would give unmarried girls’ families the rights to decide her access to abortion.

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