poem – where are you?

A tickler to kick off the 5th annual clothes free poetry contest (April 1-15). Ready to share you? Details here: https://clothesfreelife.com/2017/03/28/5th-annual-clothes-free-poetry-contest/ Where are you? Where do you go? Strong stitches and cotton Tight leggings and satin Shield who’s below . Are you there when at work Requesting and signing Searching and clicking Like everyone’s clerk? . Or when they ask If you’re well or in hell The truth do you tell Or just smile as a mask? . But when you go out Into sun, under trees Passing ladybugs, bees And layers shake out . Your spirit, it breathes Light wind in your

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from https://clothesfreelife.com/2017/03/31/poem-where-are-you/


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