Tales of living a clothing-free life happen in a “little…


Tales of living a clothing-free life happen in a “little bit here, little bit there” manner, and some readers may question whether the details provided are real-life, sincere and true, or small works of fiction. In each instance, readers are burdened with determining which parts, if any are worthy of belief or could happen in their life, and those less likely. This is how we approach every second-hand truth, item of news, or story of an event NOT observed directly.

With this as an introduction, Naturism as a Way of Living is happy to share one U.S.-based nudist blog to consider: www.nudisuzie.com offers itself as a glimpse into the life of a younger American nudist and some of the practices of her family. Take whatever meaning from the author’s accounts of a mostly clothing free life, and please add comments to this post IF there are parts of Nudi Suzie’s Blog that would be or are identical to your own family. My family enjoys freedom fron clothing less often, is smaller in size, lives in a less hospitable climate and has a smaller social circle, but even so I TOTALLY AGREE with the day-to-day acceptability of ordinary socializing with simple nudity!

from http://centauri4-naturism.tumblr.com/post/159041042731


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