themelaninatednude: Came across this picture in a…


Came across this picture in a nudist/naturist Facebook group that I’m in. I love how the simplicity of this photo can say so much. This past week has been one of the best weeks of my naturist journey. Well, to be honest, I’d have to say the start of this 2017 year. As stated in previous post, 2017 was going to be all about me sharing my story with my family and friends. I’ve had the opportunity to share the idea of nudism with so many of my friends and family. The reactions that I have received have been nothing short of amazing! The encouragement and support that my friends have given me has been incredible and I look forward to seeing how I continue to grow from here.

In one of the latest convos I had with a friend, I believe that a lot was discussed. The main theme of that convo is summed up by this photo. I think many people feel that as a nudist who blogs my goal is to convert everyone to come get naked with me. As cool and fun as that would be, that couldn’t be further from the point of this blog or my mission. I began blogging simply for real representation. As an active participant in nudist events in both Baltimore and Saint Louis, I noticed that black people seemed to be absent and I started to ask myself questions. Blogging has helped me attempt to answer those questions and helped share my experiences/thoughts with others. My goal is to help others who identify like me that they are not alone and hopefully help them get out to their local clubs or organizations.

Going back to my original point with this post…nudism is to me is about educating others about the idea of body positivity and how embracing your natural self correlates to that movement. I’m having a convo with a friend, I believe I was able to help her see what nudism is all about. My goal is not to convert her, but simply to share an idea. Whether she decides to try nudism or not, we can live in harmony and be who we are.

I think relationships are best maintained when all parties involved can be themselves 100% percent of the time. I literally though of all of this while looking at this photo! “It could all be so simple” as the friends in this photo. Dare to be open! Dare to be free! Live your live on your terms only…

These same statements apply to living life in general, free from exploitation or intimidation all around the world! If I were to talk about life in my country, I would say it is not about me convincing you to live a certain way in our republic, it is about you largely having the ability to live however you wish as long as others are not hurt. Freedom to live, work, love and express our deepest dreams – such as the idea nudists could live 24/7 side by side with our textile peers if they would accept us! Who knows, acceptance might be more fun for everyone because I know freedom is more fun than repression, love more enjoyable than hate, and nudity more pleasing than being “bound up” in clothes!



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