Hello, I was wondering when we can expect you to update your Patreon goals and rewards?

When I’m able to figure out how much time I can allot to Topless Topics, and also what platforms I’m going to bother trying to use since I’m tired of putting effort into content only to have it banned. Right now things are very tight financially as we’re paying rent on two apartments (ours and my parents’) AND mortgage on the SD house we’re trying to sell, so I need to devote my time to keeping Link alive and working jobs that actually pay actual money. Once we’ve gotten rid of the demon house and my parents are done unpacking enough to watch Link for significant sections of time (or Link stops ruining all my videos by refusing to let me spend any time editing and uploading) then I’ll take another crack at figuring out what I want to do with Topless Topics! Maybe even try making a website and embedding Vimeo videos into it since so far they’re the ONLY platform that hasn’t banned me! 

from http://toplesstopics.tumblr.com/post/159128532565


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