British Summertime……arrives

27th March

It’s still March and not even payday yet spring is here and during the last week we’ve had some decent weather for once. Saturday was really nice but not quite a scorcher Sunday too, but Mondays here and the weather is on the turn. Sunday saw the clocks spring forward and means British Summertime is officially here even though we many have to wait a little longer for the summertime weather. Sunday was also Mothers Day,so we took the opportunity to visit mine and give her card,gift have a cuppa and catch up on the local news.I’d bought her a “Skypot”, a Skypot for those who don’t know is a new popular planter made in Germany, they can easily be put into the ground or into a planter, thanks to the lengthy aluminium pipe which tapers slightly at the lower end.


Skypot has two particularly practical features. At the bottom of the planter is a little reservoir from which plants can obtain their water. This reduces watering. If the water-level exceeds the reservoir, the surplus water is diverted from the rust-resistant aluminium pipe, directly into the ground,so avoiding overwatering.As you can see from this photo it looks great and she was chuffed to bits with it. After that I cut her grass for her after which I found some garden pots which she said we could have, I was chuffed !


We’d been shopping beforehand and I managed to pick up some landscape bark which I was looking to use down the side of the house covering a multitude of sins left over from the previous tenants. I’d looked around and seen Wickes had it on offer at 3 for the price of 2 so we picked some up and brought it home. I took some time to clear away the debris moved some rubbish then put it down and I think it’s transformed it and now at least looks presentable.

It’s my day off today and apart from doing a few chores around the house I’m hoping to do very little ahead of two 6 day weeks. I do ask myself how I’ve come to love the garden and why the British love their gardens. A spot of gardening can lift your spirits, a study suggests.

More than 90 per cent of gardeners think it improves their mood, it also found that gardeners are less likely to display signs associated with unhappiness or depression this means we can definitely say gardening makes you happy and I’d say that too. Keeping busy with any pastime, though, is important – of those with no hobbies, only 55 per cent were satisfied with their lives. ‘Active living is more likely to be effective if physical activity becomes an inevitable part of life rather than a matter of daily choice.


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