Teaching “NUDISM” To All Ages:Another blog reposted…


Teaching “NUDISM” To All Ages:

Another blog reposted an argument for social nudism being about sexuality and offering because if a parent must explain certain physiological aspects of human anatomy to a preadolescent child, this means (or makes) the entire subject matter about sexuality. Male anatomy, specifically.

This roughly translates to being required explain all aspects of humor to young children because they might hear one joke. Or explaining why all people do not have the same homes (houses) or why some people live in fear of being bombed, blown-up or killed because they do not believe the same things as the majority of their neighbors. The fact is we live in a complex world filled with a myriad of human behaviors, many different motivations and some are helpful or peaceful, while others may be harmful or hurtful. We begin teaching these things incrementally from early ages and the guiding principle should be enabling the next generation of minds to be smarter than us. The skill of disassembling situations and determine facts based on circumstances EVEN WHEN no other responsible person is present, or on their own as an ability, is a basic survival skill. Some social behaviors are complex and based on deeply rooted motivations, sometimes hidden, but much teaching is not about covering an entire subject at once, but establishing “ground rules” for behaviors being helpful or harmful. Certainly this is something every parent or guardian does with children from the earliest of ages; basically as soon as “good” and “bad” or “right” and “wrong” are able to be distinguished as behaviors.

As far as social nudity is concerned, adults prescribe many motivations to why people go nude, when we do it, where we do it, and what this behavior achieves. The fundamentals of all behaviors can be broken down into tiny pieces, simple acts and we need not string these together in an attempt to explain complex situations because we are present with children when family-oriented nudity happens. The secondary goal is teaching which behaviors are not acceptable and distinguishing these things. Of course we will not teach young children the complexities of all adult behavior and must be mindful of what they see and hear, both from ourselves and other people. But defining social nudism as a sexually motivated behavior is like skipping over why people sometimes slap and punch each other (use physical force) and go directly to explaining international conflict (war between countries). It is over-reaching the most basic “ground rules” of a basic behavior and suggesting only mature rationales apply to something that does not need them. Social nudity is only as complex as we allow it to become and standing up for the basic truth of nudism as a “simple practice” does fall upon the shoulders of the present generation! We can lift up the good aspects, reinforce positive behaviors, differentiate undesirable behaviors and ASK those believing only one (admittedly complex or powerful) motivation for it exists to believe more! Ask non-nudists to educate themselves, consider greater meanings and to not condemn entire lives on the basis of one aspect of living.

from http://centauri4-naturism.tumblr.com/post/159171452256

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