“I was here once and I’m here again. When I last submitted…

“I was here once and I’m here again. When I last submitted pictures, I was terrified of what people would think of me. I was terrified that people would judge me, fully knowing that this page is full of nothing but lovely, kind people. But submitting now, I’m proud. I’m so fucking proud of how far I’ve come in loving myself. I’m so proud that while taking these pictures, I’d rush to my phone, with the biggest smile on my face to see how they came out. Thank you for letting us show everyone who we are. Inside and out. Thank you for giving us that blanket of security that we need to know that we are all gorgeous. Thank you for existing and giving yourself a reason. We all love you.”

Sometimes submitters write real emotional and flattering messages.  They make me glow with pride, because people rise up, high above who they used to be sometimes.
It’s all about feeling good in one’s skin, and often it’s not an easy journey to get there.
It’s obvious this gorgeous woman had to fight her way there. And I’m pretty sure she is getting there too.  It’s amazing how she grew confident, and therefore more beautiful than ever…
thanks for submitting.  You’re gorgeous !

from https://nudebravery.tumblr.com/post/163346611819


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