“shoutout to my ex for making me hate my body for so long….

“shoutout to my ex for making me hate my body for so long. fuck you, i’m cute.”

Oh yes, you are more than cute even !  You’re gorgeous and adorable.
I think your ex was blind or to narrow minded in his expectations and understanding of beauty.
I remember you writing, sometime before a previous pot : “my last partner had seen me without a bra when i was wearing a shirt and made some pretty harsh remarks about my boobs so it’s nice to know they’re not ugly to everyone.”
Sweetie, they are so pretty.  No one has the right to judge you on them.
Sometimes I’m ashamed to be a man myself, when I hear and read how many guys are so disrespectful and ignorant… On the other hand, should we blame them for being stupid and narrow minded about bodies and body image?   Or should we blame the media ?
And before I get the haters in my inbox, I know there are men who are really supportive and really body positive themselves in the non sexual way.  But I’m afraid they’re a minority.
You, princess, are really gorgeous, and I wanna thank you for being vulnerable and submitting to my blog.
You are beautiful !

from https://nudebravery.tumblr.com/post/163345695338


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