erections are not acceptable behavior




i get a lot of submissions i will not blog due to erections or a girl spread eagle. this is not nudism this is showing off or somehow getting aroused by the simple act of being nude….maybe you felt you weren’t big enough below so you felt the need to super size. well let me tell you i am not hung all that well and i don’t care what size you are the fact remains erections are not common in a normal nudist environment. thank you for reading this 

I get a lot of requests for me to show myself with one. Kind of tired of it. 😞

that is not genuine nudism       it is exhibitionism, lewdness and even porn in some circumstances…………. the antithesis of real nudism…..MY BLOG IS NOT ABOUT THAT WHATSOEVER…………………GO ELSEWHERE IF THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT….. I DO NOT WANT YOU AS A FOLLOWER, AND WILL BLOCK YOU 

Count me in as being of similar mind.


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