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A Naturist Journey To Wholeness

Dark Night of the Soul

In the book, Dark Nights of the Soul, Thomas Moore talks about the need to come to terms with the fact that within each of us there is darkness and that we need to not only recognise this darkness, but to own it as part of the whole, the totality of who and what we are. Moore says;

“In your dark night you may learn how to become darker. It isn’t enough theoretically to believe in shadow. You have to live it in such a way that it is real but not literal.” [p. 115]

When we take off our clothes, we become more, not less, of ourselves. Clothing allows others only to see a small part of who we are, a controlled face of ourselves. We want to hide our self-perceived defects and flaws. When we are unsure of ourselves, we are desperate to have others see us as we imagine we could be “if only . . . “. The problem with this is the disturbing evidence that we are not really aware of others see of us. So, we hide more and more of ourselves which unfortunately makes us more and more of a stranger to ourselves.

Having hope in the darkest of hours

Rather than avoid disclosing ourselves on a physical level, we need to bare our bodies to our own eyes and discover every aspect of our bodies. Nothing should be left undiscovered. As we become familiar with all the defects and flaws that we hid from in the past, we begin to realise that there really aren’t any defects and flaws, Rather, we learn that we are more, much more than we have ever imagined. As we integrate all this, the fact that a human body can’t be anything but imperfect, there is hope that one will then have the courage to face the darkness within, the flaws and defects of our inner selves.

A person can’t just go half way on the journey to wholeness; both the inner and outer self has to be uncovered, exposed and then embraced. The dark self is real. In becoming familiar with that dark self, one doesn’t give the dark self permission to act out that darkness. What one needs to do is to recognise that within is a saint and a demon. Without awareness, the demon can erupt from within without our awareness and leave a trail of wreckage for us to deal with when consciousness returns.

With nudity, we steal the power of repression and replace it with a healthy sense of self and other. There is less pull to the darker side of the human body, to pornography, to rape, to sexual exploitation of others. With becoming familiar with our naked psyche, we earn the same power and become more respectful or ourselves and others. What is repressed is expressed unconsciously.

Perhaps this is the message of hope that comes with the Dark Night of the Soul represented by the Crucifixion of Christ, the promise of a return to light. Yes, this is a deliberate choice for today’s blog post, Good Friday.


Chelsea Hotel Auctioning Off Doors of Andy Warhol and Jimi Hendrix

The Chelsea hotel itself has always represented something inherently paradoxical. For years the hotel had been a personal safe haven for Rock ‘N’ Roll legends that lived on the edge. A resting spot for the sleepless — rockstars, legends, icons — the Chelsea was where legends laid their head after the party ended and the screams stopped.

Now a popular tourist attraction, tourist lines roll out like red carpets to view the gritty hotel that once housed Bob Marley and Andy Warhol. The quaint hotel is best known for being the creative breeding grounds of work like Arthur C Clarke’s

A Space Odyssey

and Jack Kerouac’s

On the Road

, and more darkly known as the murder scene of Nancy Spungen and destination for high profile affairs

Now, The Guernsey is auctioning off bits and pieces of these memories to the public. Doors to the famous rooms of Jimi Hendrix and Humphrey Bogart will be sold on April 12th at the Ricco/Maresca Gallery in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood. Jim Georgiou, a former tenant, has aided in the collection of the doors. Georgiou, having just been evicted from the hotel, found himself collecting the doors and doing extensive research on their history after he noticed they began piling up by garbage side during the hotel’s 2002 renovation.

Georgiou told Arnet, "My first impulse was to preserve them because of how much the Chelsea meant to me. They remind me of the incredible life I had there, and of all the lives of the people who have called the Chelsea Hotel home too."With prices ranging from $5,000, a huge portions of the profits will be going to City Harvest a non-profit food-rescue organization dedicated to decreasing New York City’s hunger rate.

You can check out the auctioning at 529 West 20th Street on April 12th or fill out an absentee bid on live auctioneer.

Photos via Getty


Holly Can’t Wait For Warmer Weather, Echoing My Mood

Cloistered in my office

I’m sitting at my desk in my small home office, having some difficulty focusing on doing anything productive. My tax documents are spread out over the dining room table waiting for my attention; my rewrite of book three in the Broken Road series is calling to me; and my third novel in the René Beauchemin series is languishing partway through the second rewrite. It is -16 Celsius outside with no indications that the sun will be visible due to thick cloud cover. The small electric heater is running so that I can be a bit more comfortable in an au naturel state as I write. It might sound a bit depressing, but it isn’t. It simply is the way it is.

Holly in November, an in-between season.

A number of days ago, I was talking with a Twitter friend, Holly, about another blog post and the use of two of her images. She graciously agreed to both which is what this blog post is really about. The two photos that she shared on Twitter, and now here, were a bit different than her typical images as they played with light to have attention drawn to the centre while creating a mood that is both nostalgic and pensive. Holly’s images mirror my mood.

In much of the world, spring has arrived, an in-between season that is about hope in comparison with the autumn which is a season of reflection and realisation that time is slipping away much too quickly. Once one hits midlife, the reality of one’s mortality intrudes. Here in Canada, it is still winter in spite of what the calendar tells me. I know that spring will eventually come and lift my mood.

Holly with her dog enjoying a moment in the surf.

I am nostalgic, fondly remembering and missing the seashore in Ecuador which I left just a few days ago. I am also in an in-between place that has my head both looking back and looking forward. This being in between has me not being very productive at all. So, as I have done in the past when in such a mood, I have been spending some of my time with photos, images that remind me of times when the season and the weather conditions and the environmental conditions were such that I could be outdoors, in nature, while nude.

I know that the time for this will come again for me, being outdoors and naked in nature.  Until then, I simply have to give myself a bit of a mental break before returning to the present and taking care of business – today’s tasks. It’s time for me to return to sorting through the papers so that I can file my taxes. I will be back.


Paul Gustav Fisher nude paintings

I bumped into the first painting below and it caught my attention. Not only because of the nudity of the two ladies, but because the whole composition was just beautiful. Looking for more details, I discovered Paul Gustav Fisher, and his paintings. He painted more scenes and people than just nudes, but his nude paintings all have this sense of freedom, and carelessness that feels enjoyable and totally natural. I gathered on this page all his nude paintings I could find, and I’m determinate to get a couple of reproductions of those to hang at home. Enjoy beautiful art!


Fischer Paul Sunbathing In The Dunes.jpg
Sunbathing in the dunes

Paul Fischer Badende Kvinder (The Bathers).jpg
The Bathers

Paul Fischer Bedende Kvinder (A Morning Dip).jpg
A morning dip

Paul Fischer - Strandparti med badende kvinder (kopi).jpg
The Three Bathers

Bathers on a beach

The beach at Båstad

Summer On The Beach

Paul Fischer - To badepiger i et krat ved kysten ved Hornbæk.jpg
Two bathing girls in the bushes near the coast of Hornbæk

Paul Fischer - Piger på stranden, Båstad.jpg
Girls on the beach, Båstad

Paul Gustav Fischer - From the Artist's Studio 1904.jpg
From the artist’s studio

Paul Gustav Fischer - Seated Model in the Artist's Studio.jpg
Seated model in the artist’s studio

The morning toilet

After the swim

Bathers on a Beach

Bathers on the Beach, Falsterbo

Bathing Beauties on the Beach


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Another beautiful day at Blind Creek Nude Beach, on Hutchinson…

Another beautiful day at Blind Creek Nude Beach, on Hutchinson Island, near Stuart / Jensen Beach / Port St. Lucie, Florida. All are welcome!
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