Out of the closet and into the frying pan?


This is one of the most thoughtful and articulate articles I’ve seen – ANYWHERE – on the web about nudism and the many bizarre tentacles that have somehow entangled themselves with the freedoms associated with the clothing optional/social nudity debate, not the least of which are the allusions to a value system driven largely by religious moors that have become part of a culture and society that is not particularly (or at least uniformly) religious. After a second or third read, you realize this post calls out the most awkward truth of all… “Easier for a someone to hide their wrinkly patchy skin when picking up on someone 20 years younger. He doesn’t have to worry about his penis being compared and found wanting before he can even deliver the pickup line, while the correct bra makes her sagging boobs look perky.” If one could simply make a case for nudity as a movement for genuine honesty, maybe the tables would turn.

Thanks for this thought-provoking post. I will be mulling this over a good bit in the coming days.

This is my place.


I’ve been some kind of nudist as far back as my earliest vague memories. I don’t know why. My home was in the land of the Church of God, cold winters, moderate summers and vast clouds of mosquitoes. My naked places were full of briars and sand burrs. Yet when my parents were out I’d live around the house naked and when they were home I’d head into the forest, the river and the abandoned fields that constituted our property at the time for summertime nudity. Sleeping naked even on the coldest winter nights and feeling guilty about it. Streaking when I was a teenager. Nude modeling in college. I have long since given up any attempt to figure out why.

 A quick aside on terminology. There is a good deal of argument over
what the differences are between anudist and a naturist. You won’t
find any good solution…

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Source: https://discerningnudists.wordpress.com/2018/05/20/out-of-the-closet-and-into-the-frying-pan/

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