The evolution of the Naked and Happy blog

Happiness is…. being yourself without any constraints and that includes no clothes, naked, natural.

Nudie News

You may have noticed a few changes of my blog over the last weeks. It’s the beginning of an evolution that will span many months to come. It all started with the change of hoster to Dreamhost (a real dream hoster). This allows more flexibility in customization and ads (do let me know if ads are too annoying for reading the blog, as they just should be there to help monetize the blog without being a nuisance). The site theme will evolve over the course of the year to reach the level of minimalism I want to reach, by balancing images, text and space. More evolutions to come.

Naturism, wellness, and happiness!

Change continued with the tag line: Naturism, wellness, and happiness! Naturism is all about communal nudity and respect to the environment. It helps body acceptance and body consciousness. I feel it helped me a lot in choosing…

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