Calling All Log Ladies & Gentlemen Worldwide: Submit Your Log Lady Cosplay Photo And Have It Featured In The Catherine Coulson Documentary!

Log Ladies and Gentlemen around the world, grab the nearest log and ask it this question:

Will I ever appear in a film?

The answer is: VERY LIKELY!

After hitting its $50k milestone, the Kickstarter campaign for Richard Green’s upcoming Catherine E. Coulson documentary has unlocked the first of three Mystery Rewards.

Mystery Reward #1 has been revealed to be the opportunity to have a photo of yourself as the Log Lady (or Gentleman) displayed in I Know Catherine, The Log Lady.

So whether your costume is minimal and you hold a piece of firewood the same way Margaret Lanterman would hold her log, or are a professional Twin Peaks cosplayer, your photo could become part of a collage, slideshow or mosaic in the documentary, which will also feature David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan and other cast and crew members!

If the Kickstarter is successful, the option to submit a Log Lady/Gentleman photo and get featured will be available to anyone who pledges at least $35 towards I Know Catherine, The Log Lady.

Just a few simple rules:

  • It has to be you and only you in the photo (unless someone else is part of the outfit)
  • It has to be safe for work and can NOT infringe any copyrights
  • It might get respectfully cropped and/or stylized to fit the film’s style and narrative
  • Submit your Log Lady photo via a Kickstarter survey before November 10, 2018 (yes, you could be Log Lady for Halloween and still make it into the film)

To raise awareness for the film and this unique opportunity, Welcome to Twin Peaks is also inviting EVERY LOG LADY COSPLAYER EVER to also share their photo right away in the comments on Facebook and Twitter (both if you can) to create the longest possible photo thread of LOG LADIES & GENTLEMEN AROUND THE WORLD!

If you know someone who dressed up as the Log Lady, eg. for Halloween, please tag their name in the Facebook comments and @mention them on Twitter to let them know THIS ONLINE LOG LADY COSPLAY EVENT IS HAPPENING!

Looking for props to shoot your Log Lady photo? Log pillows and red glasses are available from Amazon.


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