Friday Vibes: Aggressive Weekend Femme

As we dive into Mother’s Day weekend (and coincidentally my mother’s birthday weekend), it’s a time laden especially with reverence for the women in our lives.
That being said, you do not have to be a mother to be a kick-ass lady – and this Friday’s "vibes" center around what it means to be a woman. I would personally like to think this collection will make for a good "getting ready" hype-up, for whatever your plans may be in the days ahead (*though you may want to skip the uncensored tracks, if you’re getting ready with the fam).
Our list starts off somewhat relaxed with Ingrid Michaelson’s bouncy but affirmative “Hell No” and Mary Lambert’s honest and uplifting “Secrets.” Then, as we migrate further down the list, we get a little more aggressive with tracks like Sofi Tukker’s “Baby I’m a Queen,” Drake’s new “Nice For What” and Krewella’s “Calm Down.”
Afterwards, we begin to wind down with some HAIM, Rachel Platten, and Hailee Steinfeld.
Have recommendations for this list? Comment them below and we’ll continuously update this playlist on our new YouTube Channel.

Have a warm, spring-y weekend – and don’t forget to thank Mom (or Dad) for turning you into the BAMF individual that you are. – SR


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