Do I take my clothes off for likes? I bare skin because I am comfortable in it and take pleasure in the wind tickling my body hair and the sun wrapping me in warmth. My high school soccer coach always said ‘character is what you do when no one is watching’ and friends, when I am alone I choose to be nude especially in the summertime. So you see, putting clothing ON for the camera especially out of fear of what you may think of me, is as inauthentic as I can be. ✨ What I’ve learned by putting my self out here virtually is that one million of us will see a photograph one million different ways. What we say and do in response to what we see, is always a reflection of how deep we’ve gone with ourselves, and our level of self acceptance. ✨ When we shared a few posts ago, of me wearing underwear and passively opening my chest and throat, and releasing the tension in my belly, we lost 1,000 followers. So doing it for the likes? I think not. 😊

Source: https://web.stagram.com/p/Bnl_JYwBMfL?utm_source=webstagram&utm_campaign=rss

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