Reposting from my personal account Incase anyone else needs…

Reposting from my personal account Incase anyone else needs these reminders today.

13 days postpartum.

Postpartum can be so tricky even when you’re prepared and well supported. I know it took 10 months to get here but seemingly in a blink this body and this space is foreign land. –
This space where body is sticky, leaky, lumpy, smoosh and hormones have a life of their own. When bliss and exhaustion constantly coexist. It’s hard and uncomfortable. There are tears. And sadness. And happy sads. And somehow everything is totally fucking wonderful all the same. –
It’s so easy to get lost in it. And perhaps I would be. But I’m so grateful for a partner who reminds me that my body just accomplished an amazing feat and is deserving of all my love and patience. Who reminds me that this smooshy belly shelf that does not even fit into my maternity pants is our babes favorite place to lay and tuck their toes. That these foreign, giant, leaky breasts are the only thing that has sustained this human, and that they’ve done so with ease. Nourished. Calmed. Comforted. All 9lbs 6 oz of this new human. –
And so a constant dance of chasing away the negativity with purpose. Replacing the “shoulds” with reminders of what it took to get here. Reprogramming myself to slow down and savor these moments because somehow the hours have turned to days to weeks already and in that precious accelerating space there is no room for feeling poorly about this body that has already healed, and created, and given so much. –

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