A NUDIE DIGEST – July 12, 2014

Mlle Casey- Par la Fenetre 8 by MPREVERT

Mlle Casey- Par la Fenetre 8 by MPREVERT

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On Nude Selfies

On Nude Selfies.

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It’s always much more fun being topless at pool parties. Summer time is the time to be #topless or naked outdoors. Vacation at a nudist resort this summer, you’ll love it! MC

To see over 500 photos of our nudist resort, Terra Cotta Inn and Palm Springs, CA visit


Another shot of Moment and Spring. This one from the Lutz’ pool party the day before we all went to Carnaval Court.

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Re: Nudity policy at clubs

I’ve been listening to Stephane Deschesne’s monthly podcast, The Naturist Living Show, and he lays out some pretty strong arguments in favor of nudity being mandatory at clubs.  What do y’all think?

I agree it should be mandatory with some exceptions for medical or weather concerns.

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3 things more offensive than my nipples.


1) violence
2) derogatory words
3) hate pages

Instead of worrying about my nipples in a picture that is not sexual or harmful in any way, why not focus on one of the above? These three things are rampant on social media and TV yet no one is attacking or protesting any of it. Stop wasting time on nudity and start focusing on what’s actually harmful to this country and the people in it.

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Lucie-Bee Nude Interview Preview

download (size: 12 MB )


Dannii conducts a nude interview with Lucie-Bee. This is just a preview for the interview.
To see the full length nude interview go to Nude-Muse Magazine
more of Lucie-Bee here

Cast: NudeMuse

Tags: Lucie-Beenudemovementdanceballroomnudismnakednaturalpetitemuse andglasses

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Verdict in the case of Delftse Hout nudism

nude beach signPerhaps you remember the upheaval about the sudden closure of the decades old nude beach in Delft, the Netherlands. Yesterday there was a verdict on the case, and it was in favour of the nudists on trial.

Here is the official, Dutch verdict on the Dutch justice site. I’ll translate it for those who can’t read Dutch:

Acquittal of forbidden nudity in Delft

The Hague , 11th of July 2014

On the 11th of July 2014 the Court of The Hague has acquitted eight suspects of sixteen cases of forbidden nude recreation.

The city of Delft has closed the nude beach in the nature and recreational area of Delftse Hout on the 18th of April 2013. The eight suspects have spent time on the beach undressed after that date, and for that they received fines.

The law states that unclothed recreation is not permitted in public places that aren’t suitable for that. The suspects have said that it’s not clear what the law-maker means with that. The Court of The Hague states that the law should be interpreted in a way that nude recreation is not permitted in public places that are evidently not suited for that. In the cases of the eight suspects there is insufficient evidence, and therefore they have been acquitted.
The Public Prosecutor had asked the court to provide maintainable rules concerning nude recreation. The court said to that: “It is not for a judge to make clear laws or to clarify laws. That is explicitly a task of the law-maker.”

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NATIONAL WHAT? MONTH: Ready to get naked? Not so fast – The…

NATIONAL WHAT? MONTH: Ready to get naked? Not so fast – The Times: Life

“And according to my research, despite what we’ve seen in movies, nudist resorts and colonies are not filled with young, fit, well-endowed nature lovers. Despite a few of the “well damn, if I looked that good, maybe…” photos I was subjected to, most of the people I saw were older and gravitationally challenged. But there they were, all smiling and happy — throwing caution to the wind — and probably passing it.”

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Nudists eager to stay put – Penticton and South Okanagan News -…

Nudists eager to stay put – Penticton and South Okanagan News – Castanet.net

“The entire world has nude beaches, next to clothed beaches and kids go there all the time, and there is no drama,” she said. “It seems people are scared about nothing.”

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Good news!!!

July 11 the judge ruled on the appeals, in favor of us nudist/naturists 🙂

The High Court ruled that the grass beach in a wooded recreation area near Delft, The Netherlands, still is suitable for nude recreation and furthermore, that the dependence of suitability on a so-called ‘swimming trunk quota’ is unlawful and unpractical to enforce. In plain English this means that the nudists don’t have to count the number of clothed recreants before deciding whether a place is suitable or not for nude recreation.

With this ruling, the last remaining 8 fines were dismissed and the people acquitted.

that’s excellent news .

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Why The World Lost It Over An Athlete Without A Six-Pack

The Internet went crazy over the Major League Baseball player’s naked body on the cover of ESPN The Magazine. And why? Because the cult of the six-pack reigns oppressively supreme.

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Camping Interlude Is Over

Life as a naturist is a normal life with normal tasks both inside and outside the house.Life as a naturist is a normal life with normal tasks both inside and outside the house.

I spent a rather quiet four days away from home, quiet that is in terms of connecting to the Internet. I was parked in a campground about eight hours northwest of my home here on the prairies. There was no wifi servers around anywhere and I had no interest in travelling from the campgrounds to a village about twelve kilometres away in order to hunt down a connection.

For one day, I was alone at the campgrounds – no one to talk to face-to-face that I knew. So, I spent my time wandering around a number of seemingly deserted trails through the forest near the lake’s edge. When at my camper, I cooked, did the dishes, read a good book and then played a bit of Spider Solitaire when my focus for reading was gone.

On the second day my son and grandson came at midday bringing an end to the intense quietness. My grandson loves playing and his favourite play buddy is yours truly. Until he left on day four, we fished, we played in the sand, we got wet in the lake, we hiked, we ate wild strawberries and chased squirrels and rabbits. Then, when he was tired out from the intense activity, we relaxed beside the campfire. So, it was with a bit of sadness on both our parts when it was time for him to go back home. Later that same afternoon, I followed suit and drove home, looking forward to being at home with my good wife.

Today I am tired. I managed to do some tasks needing my attention such as the trimming of the hedge, cleaning out the camping trailer, downloading and taking care of photos. My wife and I then went for a ten kilometre walk after lunch and now we are taking it easy. Anything else that needs doing can wait until tomorrow.

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Home Invader Mixes Up the Script

Home Invader Mixes Up the Script:Nude home invasion, I don’t endorse this:

It was little comfort to the residents of a Seattle home along Lake Washington when the naked man who crashed through their front door began loudly reciting Scripture.

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Watch The Dating Naked Uncensored Supertrailer: Let It All Hang…

Watch The Dating Naked Uncensored Supertrailer: Let It All Hang Out | Reality TV + Gossip | VH1 Blog

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natureandnudity: Nature & Nudity…as it should be. Go…


Nature & Nudity…as it should be. Go bare, share & visit the archives.

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For Sale: 4BR, 3BA, Clothing Always Optional

For Sale: 4BR, 3BA, Clothing Always Optional
Jackie Youngblood doesn’t have a problem with “textile people,” a phrase she uses to describe those who like wearing clothes. But given the choice, she prefers to surround herself with fellow nudists. So it’s a no-brainer that the 63-year-old real 

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retrogasm: William Mortensen – Admiration Mutuelle, 1933


William Mortensen – Admiration Mutuelle, 1933

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Nude scenes were like therapy, says Scar Jo | Business Standard…

Nude scenes were like therapy, says Scar Jo | Business Standard News

“Speaking about her nude scenes in her upcoming film ‘Lucy’, the star said, “I’m not a nudist in my everyday life and it wasn’t a thrill for me to undress in front of the camera. But in some ways it was like therapy because I had to recognize the things I was feeling self-conscious about and then let go of them”.

“I had to be able to have that discovery of my body and myself and not be looking at my body and be comparing it to anything else or noticing the imperfections because there is no such thing”, she added.”

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Re: Nudity policy at clubs

This is indeed a difficult question to answer. The problem is, when you get new members, they tend to be people who have never been naked in front of other people before. Such as the local naturist swim. A woman came in with her two children, one male and one female. The woman felt comfortable enough to not wear anything on her top but she wore a bikini bottom. Her daughter was completely nude and her son was wearing shorts. The woman later demonstrated that the boy was too nervous and shy to be completely nude by asking him if he would like to be naked. The little boy squirmed and said no in an embarrassed tone.

I also support the idea of clothing optional as I remember my first time at a naturist swim and even although I was not clothed, it did take me 15 minutes to remove my clothing through fear. I think in some circumstances such as newbies, it should be accepted.

Another example would be of a man who had no penis. It took him multiple visits before he could trust the people fully as he was previously bullied for it and now, he can’t get enough.

What you have to remember is that no one likes other peoples beliefs being forced upon them and it would be cruel to force your opinions upon someone especially if they don’t want to for the reasons explained.

Another point would be that if we did have strictly nude clubs, people may think that the clubs are full of perverts who just want to see what you have which, of course is not the case. It would also turn away a lot of newbies and people who want to be in a naturist surrounding before coming out as a naturist or feeling safe and secure enough to join in.

Just my thoughts on the subject.

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vivencianualem: Ocupa Ouvidor 63 – São Paulo – SP (2014) “Saí…


Ocupa Ouvidor 63 – São Paulo – SP (2014)

“Saí com vontade de colorir o mundo, de me jogar de braços abertos na loucura da vida! Nada melhor do que ter a alma exposta, a humanidade compartilhada.”

“De um lado, pessoas que nunca esquecerão o dia que viram um bando de hippies, loucos, pelados, dançando com bambolê em cima de um prédio de lunáticos. Do outro, seres amorosos que nunca se esquecerão da oportunidade incrível que tiveram de entrar nesse prédio, quebrar tabus e criar novas percepções de corpo, forma e espaço”.

“Difícil mesmo é ter que colocar a roupa depois… aquela sensação de que o corpo ficou pesado”.

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Event Recap: YNA Naked 4th of July

Young Naturists And Nudists America YNA

Recap of the YNA Naked 4th of July Gathering at Goodland Country Club in NJ This past weekend, we had our 2nd big gathering of the summer at Goodland Country Club in Hackettstown, NJ. Around 100 people came out to celebrate …
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The post Event Recap: YNA Naked 4th of July appeared first on Youn

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Five Clothing Optional Escapes in Arizona

Five Clothing Optional Escapes in Arizona:List of the usual suspects, but a good place to start for newbies.

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Nuns in grade school did a great job instilling body shame in all the kids. Luckily once I got to…

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Hysteria Over Sexting Reaches Peak Absurdity – Conor…

Hysteria Over Sexting Reaches Peak Absurdity – Conor Friedersdorf – The Atlantic

“A 17-year-old boy is forced by adults to submit to an injection that makes his penis erect. The adults command him to strip and photograph his genitals against his will. I am not describing the twisted crime of a registered sex offender. Incredibly, that was the scenario that prosecutors in Prince William County hoped to arrange or persuaded a judge that they hoped to arrange, according to reports in the Washington Post and at an NBC News affiliate. The boy was already forced to let law enforcement photograph his flaccid penis, the articles add.

What alleged crime ostensibly justifies this most intrusive and traumatizing investigation? The teen’s lawyer, Jessica Harbeson Foster, spoke to the newspaper: “Foster said the case began when the teen’s 15-year-old girlfriend sent photos of herself to the 17-year-old, who in turn sent her the video in question. The girl has not been charged, and her mother filed a complaint about the boy’s video.”

The crime of which he stands accused?

“Two felony charges, for possession of child pornography and manufacturing child pornography, which could lead not only to incarceration until he’s 21, but inclusion on the state sex offender data base for, possibly, the rest of his life,” the Post reports. ”

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ESPN The Body Issue: Is It Ever Right To Pose Nude?…

ESPN The Body Issue: Is It Ever Right To Pose Nude?

“How many American kids are allowed to see the ESPN The Body Issue? Would you let your kids page through it, saying “Here, honey….you should try to look just like Venus Williams. And here, let me show you Gary Player. He’s Grandpa’s age. Okay? Let’s go for that!”

I can’t imagine any parents out there who would willingly show ESPN The Magazine Body Issue to their young children.”

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Update: Virginia Cops Abandon Plan to Coercively Photograph Nude…

Update: Virginia Cops Abandon Plan to Coercively Photograph Nude Teen’s Erection – Hit & Run :

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Nudists go shark-spotting at Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium
Nudists go shark-spotting at Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium
There are few things more frightening than a close encounter with a man-eating shark. But a tank full of the toothy fish combined with a large group of visiting nudists could perhaps top that. On Thursday 10 a group of naturists wisited Newquay’s Blue 

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National Nude Day: Bare it All and Love It | Ellen Dolgen…

National Nude Day: Bare it All and Love It | Ellen Dolgen

“Loving yourself is the first step to accepting others. Acceptance is the first step to awareness and guess what with awareness, we’re right back to mindfulness. So, give your DNA a rest from constant stress and anxiety, which leads to early aging. It’s time to enjoy this new chapter of your life and release those self-doubts about…well everything! Live free and love it. ”

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syntheticpubes: by Randy Craig


by Randy Craig

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Nudist-Approved: Enjoy The Top 10 Nude Beaches In America |…

Nudist-Approved: Enjoy The Top 10 Nude Beaches In America | YourTango

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#FreetheNipple and NoMorePage3: Changing Our View of…

#FreetheNipple and NoMorePage3: Changing Our View of Women’s Breasts | Elisabeth Dale

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dorothy-lynn: Anxious in the city.


Anxious in the city.

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Cara Delevingne and Her Nipples Are Trying to Get Kicked Off Instagram

Cara Delevingne and Her Nipples Are Trying to Get Kicked Off Instagram
In the selfie (though we can’t be sure this is a photo of Cara herself), thenudie subjects have drawn to highlight the hypocrisy of the standards. She also regrammed a photo Suki Waterhouse posted earlier this afternoon of a nipple-printed bikini top 

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mvwphoto: There’s not enough male nudity , I hear. And sure,…

mvwphoto: There’s not enough male nudity , I hear. And sure,...

“There’s not enough male nudity”, I hear.
 And sure, why not. Let’s start with another self portrait. Why would I not do what I expect my models to do? Yeah, I know, I am not 20, but so what?

FG_AUTHORS: Naked Artists, Photographers and Musicians…

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Donne e parasoleGli altri hanno forse il diritto di aspettarsi che siamo attraenti per loro? La nostra società si è abituata talmente ad essere nutrita di esperienze visive attraenti, che alcune persone ritengono di avere questo diritto. Siamo ormai soliti giudicare il valore di un individuo sulla base del suo aspetto, mentre prestiamo poca attenzione al suo carattere, alle sue azioni, al suo spirito o alle sue intenzioni. Siamo perfino arrivati a estendere lo stesso tipo di giudizio su noi stessi, e svalutiamo ciò che siamo rispetto a ciò che appariamo.

Alcune persone hanno la fortuna (spesso facendo qualche sforzo) di apparire visivamente attraenti per la maggioranza della popolazione, anche se è forse opportuno rammentare che siamo esseri che hanno opinioni e preferenze diverse: quello che può essere ritenuto attraente da uno, potrebbe essere stimato poco bello da un altro. In realtà, la soluzione è che dobbiamo imparare a rispettarci reciprocamente così come siamo, senza aspettarci che gli altri corrispondano ai nostri personali criteri di attrattività. Dobbiamo apprezzare la nostra diversità e il nostro essere umani, resistendo alla tentazione di giudicare gli altri con il parametro delle nostre aspettative di bellezza o di perfezione.

L’esperienza nudista ci insegna questa semplice verità: ci insegna a ritenere ogni corpo perfetto nella sua unicità, nella sua umanità. Le imperfezioni, le cicatrici, i segni lasciati dal tempo sul corpo di una persona riflettono il suo essere e la sua storia. Certo, ciascuno di noi può trovare certi corpi più attraenti e altri meno: d’altronde è questo primo impulso dato dall’attraenza che ci spinge a instaurare relazioni con gli altri. È importante, però, riuscire a non sviluppare la tendenza a ritenere degno di approvazione o di attenzione soltanto chi ci pare attraente. La pratica del nudismo ci abitua a fare anche questo: a non giudicare gli altri in base al loro aspetto, a non soppesare i dettagli del loro corpo, ma a guardarli nel profondo degli occhi per scoprire il loro animo.

Siamo nati nudi. La nudità è lo stato normale dell’umanità. Quando siamo nudi, siamo più liberi e più sensibili a ciò che ci circonda, siamo più schietti, più tolleranti e più aperti alla scoperta di ciò che è diverso da noi. La nudità non è pornografica e non è affatto una cosa sbagliata, nonostante le affermazioni di chi vuole fraintendere o è guidato dalla paura. Essere nudi non è un segnale di disponibilità sessuale o di impudicizia: è colui che ritiene il contrario a essere nel torto, non l’essere umano che sta nudo!

Liberamente tradotto da ETA Naturists.

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New Zealand Beats England In Nude Rugby Match

download (size: 12 MB )



Cast: TheGailyGrind


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