Bring On Summer!  Finally!The blog seems to be getting some…

Bring On Summer!  Finally!

The blog seems to be getting some traction from new comers, those interested in the lifestyle, and long-time nudists.  I have been getting a lot of interesting and fun e-mails from those following (thank you!).  Often, several questions get asked of me repeatedly.  I can’t always keep up with e-mail (especially when the sun is out!), so I thought I would cover / answer the most often asked questions in today’s post.  But, please, everyone is welcome to e-mail me and eventually I will respond to each  of your thoughtful e-mails!

Here goes:

1.  I think it is nice to be nude some times, but I don’t know if I could do it as much or all the places you go naked.  Would I still qualify as a nudist?

The longer you are naked, you simply don’t feel naked any more!  Sounds strange (even to me at first), but it’s true!  I don’t even realize that I am naked.  I am more aware of my body or discomfort when I AM wearing textiles vs. being in the nude.  I just don’t feel like “me.”  People become nudists because they find wearing nothing to be far more comfortable than wearing clothes all the time, especially when clothes are not necessary, and want to live with that natural comfort instead of always feeling compelled to wear clothes.  Nudists view clothing as something to use for practical purposes, such as insulation from the cold and protection from something hazardous, rather than a constant daily need.  All the fears and phobias about nudity, such as body shame and embarrassment, are shed so that nudists are no longer afraid to be seen naked or feel awkward to see others naked.  Nudity returns to being a perfectly natural part of everyday.  Do you qualify as a nudist?  I think everybody qualifies.  Just be yourself and enjoy life.  If it happens to be free of clothes, so be it.  

2.  Do your friends and family know that you are a nudist?  Do they find it weird?

Easy answer yes and yes.  But, over time and through education they have become more accepting and understanding.  That’s the good thing about organizations like TNS, AANR, etc. – they help people understand the naturist lifestyle. Make no mistake, nudism is not intrinsically related to sexuality, and is NOT a sexual activity.  That’s probably the most difficult thing to explain to textiles, non-nudists, friends, family, etc.  It’s all about freedom and acceptance.  Being a nudist is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of.  I can think of a far lot worse things to worry about than whether somebody wears clothes!

3.  Do you think naturists are exhibitionists?  Are you an exhibitionist?

Not at all.  In my opinion, it’s more exhibitionist if someone takes nice or sexy clothes or swimming trunks to attract someone.  Just look at a textile beach!  On the other hand, every person, in my humble opinion, is a bit exhibitionist.  There is a very fine / tight connection between an ordinary life and sex.  Naturism is not an exception.  But, again, not to sound like a broken record, the main purpose of naturism is NOT sex or exhibitionism.  It’s about pure, simple, total FREEDOM!  

I wasn’t going to include this tired, old age question, BUT, then again for the benefit of someone seeking information or who has this fear, here goes.  As more seasoned naturists, it’s important to remember everybody has a “first time:”

4.  What if I get too excited or get an erection?

It’s not going to happen.  Easy.  And if it does, not often.  Nudist venues are FAR less sexually charged than places where bikinis, thongs, or other provocative clothing are worn.  You’d be quite surprised.  Now, I don’t personally think this fear should prevent someone from trying social nudity.  On the rare occasion where this occurs, simply don a towel, turn over, or take a quick dip in the pool!  If you aren’t doing something you shouldn’t be, this won’t happen.  

Good questions and observations from blog readers!  Hope my thoughts ease some fears and help others try one of the best and healthiest lifestyles available – clothes free!

Now, get out there and have a safe, fun, happy, and naked day!  I am!

from OutgoingNudist – My Naked Life & Dreams

The Newbie (Nudie) Experience, Part 3

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from the sl naturist

You’re just some stupid slut who flashes her tits. Shut up. Leave politics to people who know what they’re talking about.

Hi, I’m Sian.

These are a few of the politics/political issue based books I’ve purchased over the past few years or because wider reading is always a good option when you study a topic.

And these are my breasts.

Just because I have breasts and are comfortable enough in myself to post a picture of them to as I believe in the end of the sexualisation of breasts and the normality of breast feeding does not mean that my opinions on politics are any less valid. I am another human being that has to live under a government that targets me and my lifestyle and is going to make the next 5 years incredibly difficult for me, people like me, and people who do what I do to get by. 

So please, do not think for a second that I am not intelligent enough to form an educated opinion on something that is going to greatly impact my life just because I have breasts and choose to show them.

from TopFree Living

If none of my friends are nudists or know that i am a nudist, do you think it’d be worth it to try and bring it up with them? I really like the idea of not having to be clothed around my close friends

I think it’s definitely a good idea to be open and honest with your friends about the fact you are a nudist.

If you think about it, the people who become your friends are people with whom you share a lot of the same experiences and the same opinions and so it doesn’t seem to me that if you are a nudist, your friends would be people who would react badly to you being a nudist. If you’re open minded enough to be a nudist you’re likely to be friends with people who are open minded enough to accept that.

It might not lead to you being able to be naked around them (seeing you go about normal social activities casually with no clothes on might be a bit outside even good friends’ comfort zones – my friends certainly prefer me to be wearing clothes when they visit and it helps to show them nothing has changed because I’m a nudist – I still have the same friendships and relationships with them). But it will mean you don’t have to hide your beliefs or activities from your friends, which can only be a good thing.

Good luck with it!

from Ali’s Nudism