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#ProjectNudist Has just been released and now in motion

#ProjectNudist is now underway. We took a look at how some resorts are ran, we took a look at how some should be ran and we looked at the nudist principles in general and some resorts just do not know where to split that calm and crazy lifestyle.   So just check what we have planned for the future.  

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Rios Naturist Spa

I have just returned from travelling in the UK and I would like to share my experience of Rios Naturist Spa, located in Kentish Town, London.

Now if you read the online reviews of this place, you will notice that it is quite often described as a swingers establishment rather than a true naturist spa. Having read some differing reviews however, I decided to give the place a go and see for myself what the place was all about.

Kentish Town was easy to get to on the Tube via the Northern Line and Rios is very close to the train station, so only a 3 minute walk from there. It is very well advertised from the outside of the building and therefore is easy to spot.

I should say at this point that I attended on a Saturday afternoon.

I entered the premises and handed my 21£ to the reception lady, who handed me a towell and directed me towards the locker room. Once there, I removed my clothes and wrapped a towell around me. I had already seen a number of members coming and going from the locker room and they were all covered with towells, so I thought this must be the norm.

I entered the main common area of the spa, which consists of a bar and a television lounge area. I noticed that most members were walking around with towells on, but some were completely nude. I decided to join them and I hung my towell around my neck.

I spotted 3 young ladies behind the bar serving customers and handing out towells. They seemed quite friendly and they were all topless, wearing sarongs around their waists. All the girls were attractive and I did not spot any male staff.

I ventured into the wet area where the bulk of the people were. I was impressed to find two massive jacuzzi baths, which sat side by side and could easily accommodate 10 people each. There were two large steam rooms and three regular sized saunas, with a plunge pool and showers nearby. Walking around further I discovered a small lap pool next to a gigantic spa bath, which could comfortably fit 20 people maybe more.

This area led onto a labyrinth on hallways and small private rooms with matresses. I took a walk through the corridors and did not see anyone using the rooms. I understand that they are popular on certain "couples only" nights.

I decided to try one of the central jacuzzi baths, it was quite relaxing and I got chatting to some nice people. It gave a good view of the whole venue and you could sit back and watch people go by. I noticed quiet a few females, however all of them were wearing bikinis.

One female was topless, however once she did get nude and jump into my jacuzzi, I noticed she was not a female after all – her penis being the dead give away. Now I didnt mind that at all, I have no problem with transsexual people, it was actually quite good to see she had the confidence to reveal everything. I must say, she was quite convincing from the waist up and I got chatting to her for a short time.

unfortunately, I later saw her leading numerous gentlemen into one of the private rooms, one bloke after another, each walking out with a big smile on their faces. On one hand I was dissappointed to see that go on at a nudist venue, but on the other hand I was glad it took place in private rather than in the main spa.

Throughout the afternoon I saw a few of the older guys "cruising" around the venue, but they were the minority. I found most of the crowd to be pleasant and respectful and I never felt uncomfortable.

All in all I had a great, at some points interesting,  time and I decided I would probably be back.

I did go back a few days later, this time on a weekday. The second time I went back there was much less cruising going on and it was more of a naturist feel.

I cant speak for how the place is after dark, from most accounts the vibe changes dramatically during the night time hours. But if youre looking for some day time relaxation, give it a go and see for yourself.

Although I didnt get one, you can also book massages on site with professional therapists

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Second Nude Olympics Happening Saturday At Baker Beach NSFW – SFist

Second Nude Olympics Happening Saturday At Baker Beach NSFW
One of SFist’s favorite local characters, nudism activist Gypsy Taub, announces today that on Saturday, October 4, a round of "nude Olympics" will be held at Baker Beach, starting promptly at noon ("registration" at 11). The games are being held in

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Swingers and the Swinging Lifestyle

Young Naturists And Nudists America YNA

Swingers and The Swinging Lifestyle Contrasted By Nudism and the Nudist Lifestyle The Swinging Community and Swingers Vs. The Nudist Community and Nudism We all know that nudism is not about sex and that swinging is mostly about sex. But what is swinging really? What does it have to do with nudism? In this post we will …
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A nude tour of our spacious deluxe rooms at Terra Cotta…

A nude tour of our spacious deluxe rooms at Terra Cotta Inn


We have 2 room sizes at Terra Cotta Inn nudist resort. Our regular deluxe rooms like this one and our larger rooms with kitchenettes. Our regular rooms are very spacious at 300 sq ft so you can easily see how guests can stay 1-2 weeks in them for vacations. MC

To see more photos of our popular nudist resort and our beautiful city of Palm Springs, visit our pinterest site at

Feel free reblogging so others can see what our regualr rooms look like.

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nudiarist2: Arizona’s Naked Photo Law Makes Free Speech a…


Arizona’s Naked Photo Law Makes Free Speech a Felony | American Civil Liberties Union

"Which of the following could land you a felony conviction in Arizona?

– Showing images of naked prisoners tortured at Abu Ghraib;

– Linking to the iconic Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph of “Napalm Girl,” showing an unclothed Vietnamese girl running from a napalm attack;

– Sharing a close-up photo of a woman’s breast with a breastfeeding support group;

– Waving a friend over to see a cute naked baby pic — like the one you see on this page.

Unfortunately, the answer is all of the above. That’s because Arizona recently passed a law that makes it a felony — and potentially a sex offense — to share any image of nudity or sexuality before you get consent from every person pictured.”

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