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Re: Teens and the gallery

Depending on the laws in your own country and state, I would take caution, everywhere seems to have different rules on this sort of stuff. But generally speaking, a person downloading and possessing your images would most likely be in the wrong in most cases, not you.

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Naked Artists, Photographers and Musicians

Naked Artists, Photographers and Musicians


(via Laura Stevens – Another November | LensCulture)

A Woman’s Realm
Laura Stevens
A Woman’s Realm’ is a series of the nude which pursues an alternative representation of the female body by attempting to strip away the gaze of the male.

The accumulation of images of the female form from a man’s viewpoint has left women with a sparse visual language of how to represent it from their own perspective.

The primary motivation was to understand and accept my own body outside of a gaze

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What clothes free living unlocked in me

Originally posted on clothes free life:
There are things inside me that I had been wanting to experience, but couldn’t touch. It wasn’t just a matter of desiring to do something, but the desire to desire anything at all. I was lost in a down spin of depression and inaction. Layers wrapped all about my…

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