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A NUDIE DIGEST – August 9, 2014




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MAYBE II by PanKarel

MAYBE II by PanKarel

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Woodstock: Freedom Festival @ Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch | The Naturist Page



Located in Tamworth, Ontario, Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch will be holding Freedom Festival on August 15th to the 17th 2014 to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Woodstock. Peace, love music and many more activities for everyone. Beading, Tie dying arts and crafts. enjoy a nice walk along the ranch and visit the horses. sometimes at night there is a nice warm fire where people get together and socialize and crack jokes and fun!


I’ll be attending this event and will be leaving from Montreal to Tamworth with Happy Bare! If your in the area, pass by and join in the fun! This will be my first time going to Freedom Fields Naturist Ranch and will be looking forward to meeting Yvonne Gibson in person for the first time! =)

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This Is The “Are You A Nudist?” Quiz

This Is The “Are You A Nudist?” Quiz
MTL Blog (blog)
Scott RedCloud from Montreal’s The Naturist Page pointed us towards this quirky quiz, which in only ten questions, gives you a percentage of just how much of a nudist you are. Try it out for yourself, you may be surprised at just how much of a nudist

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“Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging respect for oneself, respect for others and for the environment.”

International Naturist Federation (INF) definition of naturism.

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End of a Vacation

The  Nordic summer is fading, – slowly, but unstoppable. We are hoping for a warm start of the Autumn, but mindfully we have to accept whatever emerges. This summer is the first in years that I have not travelled away, except for some minor “excursions”. The Master understands without leaving, sees clearly without looking, accomplishes […]

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Oups, was I too comfortable? | The Naturist Page


OK, let be honest here.. Have you ever been so comfortable and natural that you forget cover up before answering the door? Don’t be alone, their are many of us who either were too comfortable or just did not care to the mail man, pizza-man and even the delivery man of that corner store. I think that some people are just relaxed that they forget them selves… but in other times i feel there is that inner feeling to cross that line, to challenge ourselves to that first time goal to feel free and liberated for that first time and tell yourself.. im I crazy? or is this the way we were meant to be? i have to admit that I have done both and came to a realization that it MIGHT….. just might play in a role with the church when it comes to,”is it normal to be clothed free or does the church say i need to be at sun with my body? (Adam and eve) .. need i go more? I didn’t think so. sorry if you feel i’m ranting and slightly going off topic. this turned into a double blog… sheesh sorry hehehehe! ANYWAY… to make it short and sweet, its normal for this to happen and others feel more daring for that “reaction” I do highly recommend not to do that too often with random people. Naturists are not voyeurs … we tend to respect others who are not comfortable with nudity  or in general. respect people way of life around us. just don’t do anything that will label you in a bad way. lol. good night =)

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Mu-118a by coffeeguy

Mu-118a by coffeeguy

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This is a super cool campaign that’s all about gender equality and being against censorship in the media and you should totally check it out hell yeah

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Finally, Artist Paint Female Nudes As They Really Are (NSFW)

Victoria Selbach is a painter and nudes are her subject of choice. But don’t expect her artistic outpout to resemble Will Cotton’s airy pinup girls, J…Read more: Body Image, Victoria Selbach Painting, Victoria Selbach, Nudes, Feminist Art, Feminist Nudes, Victoria Selbach Nudes, Victoria Selbach Art, Female Artists, Female Nudes, Painting, Arts News

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Selena Gomez Naked: 6 Topless Photos For Bieber Spread Online [NSFW]
Latin Times
As far as we’re concerned, Selena gets enough attention from the public without the need for a nudie picture leak, thank you very much. What’s more, it is difficult to definitively confirm whether the nude woman in the photos is actually Selena Gomez

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The Natural Curacao – A True Getaway

Many of my discerning clients seek to expand their holiday visiting Curacao before or after their Bonaire sojourn. I have found a new property that insures tranquility. The Natural Curacao is a restful haven for those seeking to be immersed in nature. I visited recently and am ready to return.

Photo Courtesy of The Natural CuracaoPhoto Courtesy of The Natural Curacao

The Natural is the only “clothing optional” resort on the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao). Clothing optional means that naturism is permitted, but not mandatory. The property is gay friendly and single friendly as well, as I found to be true. Everyone is welcome. For day-visitors they offer aspecial rate of Naf. 10,00. The property is small, 8 units but it’s spread out and truly relaxed. I enjoyed a massive bungalow with splendid views of the salinas and kunuku. At night, star gazing was supreme. My room had a massive covered patio with loungers and living furniture. Inside there was a large kitchen, island for dining and computer work and a living space. The shower was large and afforded hot water. My comfortable king bed was lovely for naps and bedtime. The AC was cooling as well.


Rates are 50.00 to 105.00 per night. There is round trip transfers for 25.00 USD each way. Yvonne, the co owner offers therapeutic massage in your room. There are yoga classes as well. This is a healing center for the weary and those who are committed to their health and wellness. Those merely seeking a poolside setting to read and write will be delighted at The Natural Curacao.

For more information email me at

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Chapin: No wrong way to be naked

Ottawa Citizen
Chapin: No wrong way to be naked
Ottawa Citizen
It’s become a summer tradition for a nudist to encourage me to switch my bathing suit for a birthday suit. The first time was last year at Hanlan’s Point Beach, the stripped-down portion of the Toronto Island. Though I had swum naked earlier in the day

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natureandnudity: Nature & Nudity…as it should be. Go…


Nature & Nudity…as it should be. Go bare, share & visit the archives.

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blueturtleproductions: Our latest Body Freedom Portrait.  For…


Our latest Body Freedom Portrait.

For more info check out Blue Turtle Productions

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On behalf of a non-nudist friend. How does a newbie get over the initial shyness?

I am writing this question on behalf of a friend who has never tried going to a nudist location. She is very open to the idea but not ready to take the plunge. Please share your stories of getting over the initial shyness.

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A NUDIE DIGEST – July 26, 2014

nudemuse:</p><br />
<p>Here is the photo that got us banned not once, but twice on Facebook. Second time we covered the breasts. Some people can’t handle the truth. Boobs and nudity do not harm or kill people, yet it is targeted as if it does. Correct me if I am wrong but boobs nourish, war kills.

Here is the photo that got us banned not once, but twice on Facebook. Second time we covered the breasts. Some people can’t handle the truth. Boobs and nudity do not harm or kill people, yet it is targeted as if it does. Correct me if I am wrong but boobs nourish, war kills.


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Che il topless sia la normalità!

Topless in Central Park

Ecco la traduzione di un articolo di Calyse Tobias, pubblicato di recente sul sito del San Jose Mercury News, a proposito del topless come strumento per raggiungere la parità dei sessi e la piena dignità della donna come essere umano. Le considerazioni che l’autrice svolge con riferimento al contesto americano sono perfettamente adattabili alla realtà italiana. Ma non solo: analoge considerazioni possono essere formulate per arrivare alla conclusione che la normalità della nudità è la strada maestra che conduce alla de-sessualizzazione del corpo e alla riscoperta del valore dell’essere umano. Infatti, abituarsi alla nudità significa anche acquisire «la capacità di vedere uomini e donne come persone, anziché come oggetti sessuali».

Oggi gli uomini vanno in giro sulle spiagge e per strada a petto nudo, e nessuno si fa grossi problemi. Al contrario, se una donna dovesse camminare lungo la strada scoprendo il seno, la gente reagirebbe con incredulità e disapprovazione. Direbbe che è una sgualdrina. Il seno femminile è sinonimo di molte cose. Una è il sesso.

Dico con orgoglio di essere una femminista. Quest’estate ho intenzione di partecipare a un evento pubblico in favore del topless femminile a San Francisco. Marcerò a seno scoperto insieme ad altre donne in topless, esercitando e difendendo il mio diritto di farlo. Molte organizzazioni si battono per questo diritto, fra cui Topfreedom, Free The Nipple eGoTopless. Sebbene in California andare in giro a seno nudo sia legale, le donne che lo fanno – comprese quelle che allattano al seno – corrono il rischio di essere arrestate con l’accusa di “condotta disordinata”. Sono proprio convinta di fare questa protesta, perché non c’è nulla di sessuale nel godersi una bella giornata calda in città insieme a persone che condividono le mie stesse idee.

Uomo nudo Da un punto di vista anatomico, la funzione primaria delle mammelle di una donna è quella di fornire latte ai suoi figli. Molte persone sono attratte dai seni, ma questo non significa che essi siano intrinsecamente sessuali. Molte persone sono anche attratte dal petto degli uomini, e in particolare dai suoi muscoli. Pettorali, addominali e muscoli del collo sono tutti oggetto di desiderio. Eppure, lo scopo di questi muscoli è quello di far muovere il corpo. Ogni desiderio che essi suscitano dev’essere considerato come una loro funzione secondaria.

La circostanza che il seno femminile sia considerato come una cosa essenzialmente sessuale, è il risultato di una sessualizzazione della donna. Nella società americana le donne sono oggettivizzate. Ciò significa che sono viste più come oggetti sessuali che come persone. Dire alle donne di coprirsi, perché il loro seno scoperto è indecente, è frutto di un punto di vista limitato e misogino, per il quale le donne sono soltanto oggetti sessuali per l’uso maschile. Le donne sono sessualizzate, ma non possono essere sessuali. Le donne non possono vincere in questa situazione: o sono “sgualdrine”, o sono “bacchettone”, mai esseri umani.

Uno sguardo alla storia rivela che un tempo negli Stati Uniti agli uomini non era permesso mostrarsi pubblicamente a petto nudo. Nel 1935, dopo che un gruppo di uomini era stato arrestato in massa e multato per essere stato a petto scoperto su una spiaggia di Atlantic City, New Jersey, i funzionari della città affermarono: “Non vogliamo gorilla sulle nostre spiagge!” Ma gli uomini si batterono per il loro diritto e appena l’anno successivo il New Jersey approvò una legge che permetteva loro di stare pubblicamente a petto nudo. Negli anni seguenti leggi analoghe furono adottate gradualmente anche negli altri Stati. Ancor oggi, nel 2014, alle donne è espressamente vietato di stare in topless in 17 Stati. In Francia le donne possono stare legalmente a seno scoperto sulle spiagge e nei parchi. La morale della società francese non è decaduta.

Coloro che si oppongono al topless femminile sostengono che esso inciterebbe gli uomini a violentare le donne. Questo modo di pensare, tuttavia, pone a carico delle donne la responsabilità di prevenire gli stupri. Una strategia più efficace sarebbe forse quella di insegnare agli uomini che non bisogna fare violenza. I corpi delle donne non sono inviti aperti alla violenza sessuale. Facendo coprire il seno alle donne, si rinforza l’idea che il seno esiste soltanto per il piacere degli uomini e si afferma che le donne sono oggetti sessuali, piuttosto che esseri umani che meritano rispetto. Gli uomini continueranno a sentirsi titolari di un diritto sul corpo delle donne, se quest’ultimo continua a essere rappresentato solo come oggetto sessuale. Il topless femminile è in grado di togliere alle donne quest’aura di sessualità nascosta e tentatrice e di indurre gli uomini a vedere che le donne sono esseri umani come loro.

Donna nuda Immaginate se gli uomini fossero costantemente descritti come oggetti sessuali per l’uso femminile. Agli uomini si direbbe di essere rispettosi con se stessi e di coprirsi il petto, le braccia e altre parti del corpo per paura di provocare le donne. Questo messaggio rivolto agli uomini circa la conservazione della loro “purezza” può sembrare ridicolo, ma è quello che la società nel suo insieme manda continuamente alle donne. Perché dobbiamo proteggere gli occhi dei ragazzi dal seno delle donne, se non proteggiamo allo stesso modo gli occhi delle ragazze dal petto degli uomini?

Le donne possono solamente immaginare cosa si provi a sottrarsi all’immagine sessualizzata dei loro corpi e ad andare in giro in topless come fanno gli uomini. Una volta che ci rendiamo conto che le leggi che vietano il topless sono oppressive e sessiste, diventa chiaro quanto sia importante per entrambi i sessi avere il diritto di stare a petto scoperto. La capacità di vedere uomini e donne come persone, anziché come oggetti sessuali, è di fondamentale importanza. Non possiamo più trattare le donne come cittadini iper-sessualizzati di seconda categoria. Non possiamo portare avanti un’immagine disumana delle donne. Quando avremo ottenuto il diritto di stare in topless in tutti i 50 Stati Uniti, l’uguaglianza dei sessi sarà un passo più vicina alla sua realizzazione.

Tradotto da Normalizing female toplessness would be a key step toward gender equality, respect.

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Here Are Some Liquid Ink Nudes For Your Viewing Pleasure (NSFW)

Here at the Huffington Post Arts&Culture, there are two categories of images that our audience seems to find particularly hard to resist. The first is…Read more: Alberto Seveso Photography, Photography, Nudes,Alberto Seveso, Digital Photography, Art Nudes, Arts News

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natureandnudity: Nature & Nudity…as it should be. Go…


Nature & Nudity…as it should be. Go bare, share & visit the archives.

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Naturism And The Search For Self

It is a good day to stay inside where it is dry and warm.It is a good day to stay inside where it is dry and warm.

As you can see, the weather outside is frightful with the wind gusting up to 100 km/h bending over trees and the rain blurring reality as I look out the window. Inside, my four visiting grandsons are busy with computer games, eating, running around the house and listening to music. This is definitely not one of those peaceful times that one associates with retirement. It is definitely not a day for being skyclad. All of that said, it is a good day because of the presence of my grandchildren, a loving wife and a warm home.

In a few days, silence will again fill the house and the temperature should move from today’s high of 15 C. (60 F.) to a summery high of 30 C. I will have time enough for sunbathing in our yard, and taking hikes into the countryside where I can perhaps hike some of the distance while nude. In the plans are a visit by my wife and I to Helios, a naturist campground community near Edmonton en route to hiking in the Canadian Rocky Mountains by Jasper, Alberta.

An image from Norway that asks this eternal question.An image from Norway that asks this eternal question.

I have been spending some time writing for a winter project which involves presenting Jungian psychology concepts while interweaving a bit of Buddhism and Naturism into those presentation. The first presentation is all about “self.”

Most people take great pains to create a self-image that they come to believe is the truth about who they are. Teenagers are famous for this as they adopt clothing styles and attitudes that will mark them as individuals, as unique. Yet for all the effort, all we are doing is creating barriers that hide the truth of who we are. We are investing most of our identity in our camouflage. The camouflage is not just the clothing we choose to hide behind; our camouflage involves what we do, our societal roles, our relationship roles, our games with ourselves. We get lost in a minefield that has been created by our minds.

Naturism is one path by which we can begin to recover what we have lost. It isn’t the only thing we need to do if we are to regain the wholeness of self. But, it is a good start.

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Dear body freedom supporters, we are going to challenge the nudity ban by showing the City Attorney and the SFPD that body freedom is here to stay. Come join us this Sunday at Dorey Alley at 3 Pm for a NAKED DANCE LOTTERY where participants will be selected at random to win awesome kinky prizes, […]

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Why Do Some Nudist Resorts Thrive and Others Struggle? | NACORBA…

Why Do Some Nudist Resorts Thrive and Others Struggle? | NACORBA

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Ugh. This is like all those “nudist” sites out there that have pictures of bent over 18 year old girls all over their website.

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Comment on Nudism/Naturism: Sunward Naturist Park by pipermac5

Since you are going bra-less for a few days, just ditch the bras for good. Your breasts will certainly thank you for it.


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Going bush in Wilderland
Going bush in Wilderland
”Some of the people are experimenting with all kinds of social conventions and social boundaries around nudism and things like that.” He goes on to say nudists aren’t allowed to be nude in the shared areas – ”It’s just too disturbing for some people.

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Why Nude Photos are Important to Naturism

Why Nude Photos are Important to Naturism:

“The nude human body is the core of our lifestyle, it’s what defines our philosophy and our outlook.  And when discussing our way of living, how can we describe it?  Sure I can drone on forever about nude recreation in words and sentences.  However, nothing describes who we are or what we believe than a picture. Many of my readers recall that my own foray into naturism began by seeing images of non-sexual nudity.  Naturist photos act like ambassadors to non-naturists, demonstrating what nude recreation is like.”

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“Why be a nudist? I have been asked why anyone would want to participate in something that seemly few people choose as a lifestyle, or even understand for that matter. What’s the idea?No one is born ashamed of their body. If you had never been told to cover up and you had always seen nude people from time to time would it be a big deal?For some nudism is just about the feeling of the air, water and sun on the skin and the comfort of not being restricted in clothing. Nobody showers or bathes in a bathing suit, right? Most people will try kicking pajamas off when they are warm under the covers. Anyone will run from the bathroom to the bedroom if they think they won’t get caught. Most people can relate to this.

It’s the concept of social nudity that becomes a sticking point. Some equate nudity with poverty and humiliation. Some think nudity is only about sex. Some just hate the way they look. Some people just have a phobia like others have with spiders or public speaking.

What happens if you don’t think that way? What if you think the human body is a work of art? Or scientifically amazing? What if you think all body parts are just parts we all have? What if you think both genders are equal? What if you can control your sex drive? What if you are not humiliated? What if you try social nudity and find your fear goes away?

Clothing does not grow into our skin and become a part of us. It is an artificial covering. It’s use is arbitrary from burkas to bikinis, space suits to speedos. The rules for clothing are just ideas that change by place or time.

The traditions of a culture build over thousands of years. Old ideas are traded for new ideas but the old ideas never completely go away. Layers of thinking eventually bring change but most people just go with the prevailing thought of their time.

In some cultures nudity faces little opposition and is not considered a specific alternate lifestyle. You can see nudity in newspapers and in tv commercials and is not such a big deal. In other cultures it is outlawed and you could face death by being nude in public. It’s all just opinions and ideas.

Nudism is an idea too. It’s a philosophy, it’s a social statement, it reflects values and morals. It’s a way of honoring and showing respect to humanity. It’s about equality, liberty and even community. Its about being ok with yourself and accepting of others. Get the idea?

(via wolf-66)

Authored by Joewire2002

(via joewire2002)

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danielvincentstuff: I´ll say it again:  Nudism is not…


I´ll say it again:

Nudism is not sex

Nudism is not porn

Nudism is ethic

Nudism is moral

Nudism is self-confidence

Nudism is tolerance

Nudism is antistress

Nudism connects you with nature

Nudism is real

…and is for everyone




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Want a beach body?

I love this quote that has circled my newsfeed and the internet over the past couple of months.


(I googled this so not sure who to give credit to for the picture but it’s no mine!)

I came across this article on xojane and in the height of summer wanted to share it with you all because the photos and messages underneath are spot on.

Real Beach Bodies

Don’t let anyone or anything put you off wearing what the fuck you want this summer! If you have a body, then you have a beach body so get out there and soak up that vitamin D

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blackpaint20: Nudes in the Louvre! Mimesis in…


Nudes in the Louvre!

Mimesis in the Louvre: 

Mimesis (Ancient Greek: μίμησις (mīmēsis), from μιμεῖσθαι (mīmeisthai), “to imitate,” from μῖμος (mimos), “imitator, actor”) is a critical and philosophical term that carries a wide range of meanings, which include imitation, representation, mimicry, imitatio, receptivity, nonsensuous similarity, the act of resembling, the act of expression, and the presentation of the self  – wiki

I’d love to try this

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bodyworks2010: Absolutely always


Absolutely always

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Dare to go bare with nude sunbathing? – IOL Travel Tips |…

Dare to go bare with nude sunbathing? – IOL Travel Tips |

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Greece’s Most Amazing Nudist Beaches

Greek Reporter
Greece’s Most Amazing Nudist Beaches
Greek Reporter
Nudist beaches are a bit more controversial and they don’t appeal to everyone, however naturalism or “skinny dipping” is a widespread practice, a way of life. If you belong in the category of people who feel restricted by their swimming suits and

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Playa Luna – Chile’s secluded nudist Paradise

Playa Luna, a lovely beach just north of Valparaiso, is one of the few (if only) official nude beaches on the Pacific coast of South America. Its sands are perfect for laying out and its waters are perfect for taking a swim to cool off.  A cave in the rocky cliffs that surround the beach provides a nice escape for those seeking some shelter from the heat.

On the way to Playa LunaOn the way to Playa Luna

Nestled near the sleepy fishing village,  Horcón, Playa Luna is a short bus ride north from Valparaiso or Viña del Mar.  The tiny village of Horcón  delights visitors with its laid back vibe and friendly locals. Horcón is a great place to chill for a couple of days and a great place to store your backpack while you do some camping on the beach.   There are hostels  that seem to always have room for the stray backpacker.

Fishing boats taking a break

The beach closer to the town can be busy on weekends and during vacation time.  Vendors walk along selling beers and sea shell necklaces to the sun worshipers.  But even on busy days the chill energy prevails.   A nice little restaurant right near the beach offers fresh fish caught that day and is the perfect spot  to sit with a beer and watch the pelicans munch on the fishermen’s leftovers.

Hungry PelicansTo get to the nude beach of Playa Luna,  head north along the sand past the fishing boats (if facing the ocean take a right).  The walk is moderately long and stunningly beautiful.  Make sure to bring water and other provisions, and even a tent if you feel like camping on the beach.     The further north you go the less people you will encounter until  eventually you will see  a rock formation with a cave at the end of the beach, this is Playa Luna.  Strip down and enjoy.  There will be a few people getting a full body tan and the occasional jogger who is sneaking a peek.   As is the norm at most naturist spots, all the nudist types there are super chill.

Playa Luna usually is a primarily gay spot, but all are welcome.  The ocean there is great for taking a dip, but be careful as there is no lifeguard and there can be some major riptides.   Get naked and enjoy the sun!

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Nude beach row roils waters in Penticton

The Province
Nude beach row roils waters in Penticton
The Province
Dustin Wolchina, a naturist who has been speaking for beach users, says he and other nude-beach regulars were surprised when they were denied access. “They’re really, really disheartened — it’s ridiculous,” he says. Wolchina acknowledges that it’s

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You are free at the moment you want to be. Be free.💗 #TheToplessTour subido por amyrollo

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Spanish nudist beaches dominated by Germans

Spanish nudist beaches dominated by Germans
Olive Press
When it comes to stripping off completely, Germans are continuing to dominate the Costa del Sol’s nudist resorts. NOT just content with being the best footballers on the planet, the Germans also top the full-on beach-nudity league. According to Expedia

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Jen 9 by williamwalsh

Jen 9 by williamwalsh

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Getting Naked For A Day

Getting Naked For A Day.

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A NUDIE DIGEST – July 14, 2014


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Today is National Nude Day. Relax and enjoy by going barefoot all over at Terra Cotta Inn in sunny Palm Springs, California.

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Sizing Up the Naked Recreation Business on #NationalNudeDay

Sizing Up the Naked Recreation Business on #NationalNudeDay
Today is #NationalNudeDay, an occasion important mainly to Internet oversharers, social-media managers, and people who make a living in the nude recreation business. Nicky Hoffman, a co-owner of the NaturistSociety in Oshkosh, Wis., counts herself in …

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Garden Of Eden Church

Garden Of Eden Church

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Davis Runs Again

George Davis, Nudist and Body Freedom advocate, is standing again for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in the 4th November 2014 General Election, and will be making a campaign speech on August 6th. The odd thing is, because of the anti-nudity laws in San Francisco, Davis will be making this speech in Times Square, […]

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Sizing Up the Naked Recreation Business on #NationalNudeDay

Sizing Up the Naked Recreation Business on #NationalNudeDay
The problem for the owners of hundreds of other U.S. business who operate nudist resorts, organize cruises, or otherwise make their living by naked recreation is that there the clothing-optional set appears to be smaller than it used to be. The 

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Streak for Tigers

Streak for Tigers:The Zoological Society of London is inviting people to get naked to support their tigers. No, really:

ZSL London Zoo is hosting a very unique event on the evening on Thursday 14th August. We are looking for supporters to strip off and bare all for Tigers and streak around ZSL London Zoo!

I’m for all zoos doing this.

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It makes me so angry that men can walk around topless but I can’t like if I can’t show my tatas than a man can’t either

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Dark thoughts of you (Long Beach, 2007) #ArchivePicOfTheDay

Dark thoughts of you (Long Beach, 2007)#ArchivePicOfTheDay

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Naked Selfies Extracted From ‘Factory Reset’ Phones

Thousands of pictures including ” naked selfies” have been extracted from factory-wiped phones by a Czech Republic-based security firm.

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On National Nude Day, it’s bare if you dare
On National Nude Day, it’s bare if you dare
… they forgot they were naked. “Once the clothes are off, you’re just people,” he said. Shangri La Ranch and Mira Vista are Arizona’s most popular nudist resorts, but daring nudists also visit the public “clothes optional” hot springs in Camp Verde 

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Nudist beach in Almeria under threat from new law

Nudist beach in Almeria under threat from new law
Olive Press
A POPULAR nudist beach in Vera, Almeria, is under threat from a new law banning nakedness. The law sets fines between €100 and €300 for people who are naked or topless on the beach, which has been previously been permitted since 1979. However …

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“Yes, I know. I said I’d never do nudity. But after a while, you just get comfortable with yourself.”- Lesley Mann, quoted in Chicago Now

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Nudism/Naturism: National Nude Day

Nudism/Naturism: National Nude Day
Montreal Gazette (blog)
And social nudism/naturism is a serious pastime for many people around the world, including me. I frequently write about it in both my blogs. I imagine that whoever dreamt up National Nude Day was trying to raise awareness about the subject. See 

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Nyjah Cousar, Girl Who Texted Dad Nude Photo, Seeking Reality Show
Nyjah Cousar, Girl Who Texted Dad Nude Photo, Seeking Reality Show
The Hollywood Gossip
The college student says publicists and managers have reached out to her, and once she signs with one, they will pitch the show to MTV and BET execs. Based on his reaction (and she posted on Instagram, obviously) to receiving Nyjah’s nudie shot, one 
Oop! (Nyjah Cousar) Sent Nude Pic to Her Father (Watch)
Nyjah Cousar Nude PHOTO Fame Sparks Reality Stardom: Twitter Fans Love 

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I stood outside topless today and it felt awesome. The free wind on my boobs. It was only for a minute because I was in my backyard and my dad is home. But still. We should be allowrd to do this everywhere.

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Source for more facts follow NowYouKno

Some of the pictures I’ve seen of traditional Ama divers are beautiful pictorial representations of body freedom while working.

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I 100% agree with you. Society has turned the human body, especially the female form into purely sexual. It has gotten so bad that women cannot breastfeed in public places because it is considered indecent. The soul reason for breasts is being banned and called indecent. It’s fucking ridiculous and wrong. Meanwhile they display Victoria’s Secret models just in their bra and undies prancing around and that’s considered decent. It’s twisted and fucked up. Humans are sexual beings but the human body in our natural form isn’t just for sex. Keep fighting your fight girl. You get to choose when your body is sexual or not. Same as I get to choose. Whenever I pose topless, it is for expression, to celebrate my beautiful form, to inspire others to open their minds to the truth behind what are bodies are. It is never sexual. My sexual body is for me and my partner.

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khaluusi: How did I ever survive summer days without being…


How did I ever survive summer days without being topless

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pascalshirley: Sykes Hot Springs


Sykes Hot Springs

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Red by UniqueNudes. This is the final image and print offering…

Red by UniqueNudes.This is the final image and print offering from The Ginger Forest.

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Being Present In One’s Breath

A moment in the sun - a long moment for meditation.A moment in the sun – a long moment for meditation.

It is now warm enough in the morning for me to meditate outdoors again. For those who are new to reading here, I always meditate nude unless I am away from home and must find a somewhat public place to meditate such as in a hostel. Meditation is more than simply sitting still for me. Meditation is an act of freeing myself from my own negative energies that try to convince me that my thoughts are reality.

Thinking again. Yes, the problem with many of us, if not all of us, is that we think and mistake what we are thinking for truths. “I am unworthy because . . .” or “he is evil because he is naked.

As a psychotherapist I have learned long ago that it isn’t what has happened to a person that sends her or him into mental health counselling. Rather, it is what the person thinks about, how the person responds to what has happened. We all know people who make a big deal out of something that, for us, is very insignificant. We can’t understand what the drama is all about for them and so we dismiss them and their suffering. Yet, beneath the surface there are associations that are triggered which links to some ancient pain, a pain that is locked into the head, into the thinking patterns.

Meditation is a vital key to learning how to let go of these thinking scripts and allow a person to be more present in the present, rather than stuck in a past scene that plays over and over again like an old vinyl LP record that gets caught in a groove. The old scripts don’t disappear, they simply lose their power. It all starts with breathing and being present in that breath, being present in the body that breathes.

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Expedia survey about nude beachgoers

USA Today, July 13, 2014:”Beach goers around the world don’t get too bothered by public nudity and speedos. But they do break a sweat when it comes to ta possible shark attack.That’s according to Expedia’s annual Flip Flop report to be released tomorrow. The study, commissioned by the online travel agency and conducted online by research firm Northstar, gauged the behaviors and preferences of 11,165 adults across 24 countries in five continents.For the third consecutive year, Germans were the most likely to sunbathe fully nude, with 28% saying they have spent a day at the beach in the buff. But for the first time this year, Austrians tied them.Worldwide, more men than women prefer to sunbathe nude.

Women, especially Europeans, were more likely to go topless. Nearly half of Austrians — 49% — were likely to sunbathe topless. Spaniards and Germans followed closely behind.

The most modest beach goers were from Asia. Only 2% of Japanese, 3% of South Korean and 4% of Thai beach goers said they have sunbathed nude. Being modest didn’t translate into being uncomfortable with the practice, however. Nearly three-quarters of Japanese beach goers said they were “very” or “somewhat” comfortable with beach nudity or female toplessness. Residents of Hong Kong, India and Malaysia said they were the least comfortable with it.

The beach is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. More than half — 56% — of those surveyed said they have taken a beach vacation in the past year. And 73% of those who have taken, or plan to take, a beach vacation said they had reached personal bliss as a result.

“The beach is the world’s most popular travel destination by a considerable margin,” John Morrey, vice president and general manager of, said in a written statement. “So every year we ask travelers all over the world to tell us their likes and dislikes as they relate to beach behavior. In response, we can offer travelers the recommendations that best suit their preferences.”

Among the other findings:

Speedos are acceptable attire to nearly three-quarters of beach goers worldwide. A full 95% of Brazilians approve of the skimpy swimwear. Austrians, Germans and Spaniards were nearly as accepting. The least likely to approve of speedos were Norwegians, with just 40% considering it acceptable attire. As for Americans, 57% were fine with speedos.

More than half of the world’s beach goers would “never” post a photo of themselves in swimwear, whether it be a speedo or a one-piece.
Sleeping was the top beach indulgence, with 46% of respondents saying that they like to sleep in or nap while on a beach vacation. Taking a beach holiday also sparks romance. Almost 40% of the world’s beach goers said they enjoy getting intimate with a partner while vacationing on a beach.

Sharks breed anxiety among beach goers, with 44% of respondents saying they fear an attack. Those from Brazil, Hong Kong and Malaysia were the most fearful of sharks. Half of beach goers said they are afraid to swim at the beach because of sharks. Still, that didn’t stop 35% of them from conquering that fear and getting into the water.”

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madeinthenude: Live the nudist life. It is amazing how much…


Live the nudist life. It is amazing how much time is saved and refreshing it is to wake up in the morning and not have to mess with getting dressed to go to the shower (How much sense does that make?) or fight with clothes while applying make up.

And since the morning has started, why not have breakfast nude too? Nudists know that being nude with others allows for more honest, open discussions and builds stronger bonds between people than when one of both parties are clothed.

If one is living with roommates who don’t accept nudity, why stay? Are they friends? Respect for personal choices go both ways. If they can’t accept a friend who only wants to go nude, is that really friendship?

I don’t want to speculate on work. That’s not always our decision. Although I do believe most indoor work environments are optimal for potential nude employees.

At night, stripping down after work not only removes the toxins that stick to clothing throughout the day, but also allow the skin to breath, which will release endorphins to make the body feel better and allow normal body functions to happen naturally. Peal away the day and feel whole again.

There have been countless studies down on the benefits of relaxing nude after a long day and sleeping nude too.

What’s holding anyone back? Why are we clothes obsessed when being nude is so easy and affordable? When it’s so much better for a healthy life? Get nude and live!

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Retro Tweet

From three years ago, but hey…

Being naked outside is very liberating….atleast I hope it will be @ESPN and@ESPNMAG!!! GAMETIME BABY! Ball up!

— Hope Solo (@hopesolo) August 9, 2011

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Germans Love To Sunbathe In The Nude, Basically Win At Life

Germans are having a WILD week.First, the German national football team played what will perhaps go down in history as one of the craziest World …Read more: Expedia Flip Flop ReportGermany Best Week Ever,Germans Nude SunbatheNude Beaches GermanyTravelNude BeachesNude SunbathingNude TravelInternational DestinationsTravel News

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A NUDIE DIGEST – July 12, 2014

Mlle Casey- Par la Fenetre 8 by MPREVERT

Mlle Casey- Par la Fenetre 8 by MPREVERT

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On Nude Selfies

On Nude Selfies.

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It’s always much more fun being topless at pool parties. Summer time is the time to be #topless or naked outdoors. Vacation at a nudist resort this summer, you’ll love it! MC

To see over 500 photos of our nudist resort, Terra Cotta Inn and Palm Springs, CA visit


Another shot of Moment and Spring. This one from the Lutz’ pool party the day before we all went to Carnaval Court.

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Re: Nudity policy at clubs

I’ve been listening to Stephane Deschesne’s monthly podcast, The Naturist Living Show, and he lays out some pretty strong arguments in favor of nudity being mandatory at clubs.  What do y’all think?

I agree it should be mandatory with some exceptions for medical or weather concerns.

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3 things more offensive than my nipples.


1) violence
2) derogatory words
3) hate pages

Instead of worrying about my nipples in a picture that is not sexual or harmful in any way, why not focus on one of the above? These three things are rampant on social media and TV yet no one is attacking or protesting any of it. Stop wasting time on nudity and start focusing on what’s actually harmful to this country and the people in it.

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Lucie-Bee Nude Interview Preview

download (size: 12 MB )


Dannii conducts a nude interview with Lucie-Bee. This is just a preview for the interview.
To see the full length nude interview go to Nude-Muse Magazine
more of Lucie-Bee here

Cast: NudeMuse

Tags: Lucie-Beenudemovementdanceballroomnudismnakednaturalpetitemuse andglasses

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Verdict in the case of Delftse Hout nudism

nude beach signPerhaps you remember the upheaval about the sudden closure of the decades old nude beach in Delft, the Netherlands. Yesterday there was a verdict on the case, and it was in favour of the nudists on trial.

Here is the official, Dutch verdict on the Dutch justice site. I’ll translate it for those who can’t read Dutch:

Acquittal of forbidden nudity in Delft

The Hague , 11th of July 2014

On the 11th of July 2014 the Court of The Hague has acquitted eight suspects of sixteen cases of forbidden nude recreation.

The city of Delft has closed the nude beach in the nature and recreational area of Delftse Hout on the 18th of April 2013. The eight suspects have spent time on the beach undressed after that date, and for that they received fines.

The law states that unclothed recreation is not permitted in public places that aren’t suitable for that. The suspects have said that it’s not clear what the law-maker means with that. The Court of The Hague states that the law should be interpreted in a way that nude recreation is not permitted in public places that are evidently not suited for that. In the cases of the eight suspects there is insufficient evidence, and therefore they have been acquitted.
The Public Prosecutor had asked the court to provide maintainable rules concerning nude recreation. The court said to that: “It is not for a judge to make clear laws or to clarify laws. That is explicitly a task of the law-maker.”

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NATIONAL WHAT? MONTH: Ready to get naked? Not so fast – The…

NATIONAL WHAT? MONTH: Ready to get naked? Not so fast – The Times: Life

“And according to my research, despite what we’ve seen in movies, nudist resorts and colonies are not filled with young, fit, well-endowed nature lovers. Despite a few of the “well damn, if I looked that good, maybe…” photos I was subjected to, most of the people I saw were older and gravitationally challenged. But there they were, all smiling and happy — throwing caution to the wind — and probably passing it.”

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Nudists eager to stay put – Penticton and South Okanagan News -…

Nudists eager to stay put – Penticton and South Okanagan News – Castanet.net

“The entire world has nude beaches, next to clothed beaches and kids go there all the time, and there is no drama,” she said. “It seems people are scared about nothing.”

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Good news!!!

July 11 the judge ruled on the appeals, in favor of us nudist/naturists 🙂

The High Court ruled that the grass beach in a wooded recreation area near Delft, The Netherlands, still is suitable for nude recreation and furthermore, that the dependence of suitability on a so-called ‘swimming trunk quota’ is unlawful and unpractical to enforce. In plain English this means that the nudists don’t have to count the number of clothed recreants before deciding whether a place is suitable or not for nude recreation.

With this ruling, the last remaining 8 fines were dismissed and the people acquitted.

that’s excellent news .

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Why The World Lost It Over An Athlete Without A Six-Pack

The Internet went crazy over the Major League Baseball player’s naked body on the cover of ESPN The Magazine. And why? Because the cult of the six-pack reigns oppressively supreme.

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Camping Interlude Is Over

Life as a naturist is a normal life with normal tasks both inside and outside the house.Life as a naturist is a normal life with normal tasks both inside and outside the house.

I spent a rather quiet four days away from home, quiet that is in terms of connecting to the Internet. I was parked in a campground about eight hours northwest of my home here on the prairies. There was no wifi servers around anywhere and I had no interest in travelling from the campgrounds to a village about twelve kilometres away in order to hunt down a connection.

For one day, I was alone at the campgrounds – no one to talk to face-to-face that I knew. So, I spent my time wandering around a number of seemingly deserted trails through the forest near the lake’s edge. When at my camper, I cooked, did the dishes, read a good book and then played a bit of Spider Solitaire when my focus for reading was gone.

On the second day my son and grandson came at midday bringing an end to the intense quietness. My grandson loves playing and his favourite play buddy is yours truly. Until he left on day four, we fished, we played in the sand, we got wet in the lake, we hiked, we ate wild strawberries and chased squirrels and rabbits. Then, when he was tired out from the intense activity, we relaxed beside the campfire. So, it was with a bit of sadness on both our parts when it was time for him to go back home. Later that same afternoon, I followed suit and drove home, looking forward to being at home with my good wife.

Today I am tired. I managed to do some tasks needing my attention such as the trimming of the hedge, cleaning out the camping trailer, downloading and taking care of photos. My wife and I then went for a ten kilometre walk after lunch and now we are taking it easy. Anything else that needs doing can wait until tomorrow.

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Home Invader Mixes Up the Script

Home Invader Mixes Up the Script:Nude home invasion, I don’t endorse this:

It was little comfort to the residents of a Seattle home along Lake Washington when the naked man who crashed through their front door began loudly reciting Scripture.

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Watch The Dating Naked Uncensored Supertrailer: Let It All Hang…

Watch The Dating Naked Uncensored Supertrailer: Let It All Hang Out | Reality TV + Gossip | VH1 Blog

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natureandnudity: Nature & Nudity…as it should be. Go…


Nature & Nudity…as it should be. Go bare, share & visit the archives.

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For Sale: 4BR, 3BA, Clothing Always Optional

For Sale: 4BR, 3BA, Clothing Always Optional
Jackie Youngblood doesn’t have a problem with “textile people,” a phrase she uses to describe those who like wearing clothes. But given the choice, she prefers to surround herself with fellow nudists. So it’s a no-brainer that the 63-year-old real 

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retrogasm: William Mortensen – Admiration Mutuelle, 1933


William Mortensen – Admiration Mutuelle, 1933

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Nude scenes were like therapy, says Scar Jo | Business Standard…

Nude scenes were like therapy, says Scar Jo | Business Standard News

“Speaking about her nude scenes in her upcoming film ‘Lucy’, the star said, “I’m not a nudist in my everyday life and it wasn’t a thrill for me to undress in front of the camera. But in some ways it was like therapy because I had to recognize the things I was feeling self-conscious about and then let go of them”.

“I had to be able to have that discovery of my body and myself and not be looking at my body and be comparing it to anything else or noticing the imperfections because there is no such thing”, she added.”

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Re: Nudity policy at clubs

This is indeed a difficult question to answer. The problem is, when you get new members, they tend to be people who have never been naked in front of other people before. Such as the local naturist swim. A woman came in with her two children, one male and one female. The woman felt comfortable enough to not wear anything on her top but she wore a bikini bottom. Her daughter was completely nude and her son was wearing shorts. The woman later demonstrated that the boy was too nervous and shy to be completely nude by asking him if he would like to be naked. The little boy squirmed and said no in an embarrassed tone.

I also support the idea of clothing optional as I remember my first time at a naturist swim and even although I was not clothed, it did take me 15 minutes to remove my clothing through fear. I think in some circumstances such as newbies, it should be accepted.

Another example would be of a man who had no penis. It took him multiple visits before he could trust the people fully as he was previously bullied for it and now, he can’t get enough.

What you have to remember is that no one likes other peoples beliefs being forced upon them and it would be cruel to force your opinions upon someone especially if they don’t want to for the reasons explained.

Another point would be that if we did have strictly nude clubs, people may think that the clubs are full of perverts who just want to see what you have which, of course is not the case. It would also turn away a lot of newbies and people who want to be in a naturist surrounding before coming out as a naturist or feeling safe and secure enough to join in.

Just my thoughts on the subject.

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vivencianualem: Ocupa Ouvidor 63 – São Paulo – SP (2014) “Saí…


Ocupa Ouvidor 63 – São Paulo – SP (2014)

“Saí com vontade de colorir o mundo, de me jogar de braços abertos na loucura da vida! Nada melhor do que ter a alma exposta, a humanidade compartilhada.”

“De um lado, pessoas que nunca esquecerão o dia que viram um bando de hippies, loucos, pelados, dançando com bambolê em cima de um prédio de lunáticos. Do outro, seres amorosos que nunca se esquecerão da oportunidade incrível que tiveram de entrar nesse prédio, quebrar tabus e criar novas percepções de corpo, forma e espaço”.

“Difícil mesmo é ter que colocar a roupa depois… aquela sensação de que o corpo ficou pesado”.

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Event Recap: YNA Naked 4th of July

Young Naturists And Nudists America YNA

Recap of the YNA Naked 4th of July Gathering at Goodland Country Club in NJ This past weekend, we had our 2nd big gathering of the summer at Goodland Country Club in Hackettstown, NJ. Around 100 people came out to celebrate …
Read More »

The post Event Recap: YNA Naked 4th of July appeared first on Youn

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Five Clothing Optional Escapes in Arizona

Five Clothing Optional Escapes in Arizona:List of the usual suspects, but a good place to start for newbies.

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Nuns in grade school did a great job instilling body shame in all the kids. Luckily once I got to…

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Hysteria Over Sexting Reaches Peak Absurdity – Conor…

Hysteria Over Sexting Reaches Peak Absurdity – Conor Friedersdorf – The Atlantic

“A 17-year-old boy is forced by adults to submit to an injection that makes his penis erect. The adults command him to strip and photograph his genitals against his will. I am not describing the twisted crime of a registered sex offender. Incredibly, that was the scenario that prosecutors in Prince William County hoped to arrange or persuaded a judge that they hoped to arrange, according to reports in the Washington Post and at an NBC News affiliate. The boy was already forced to let law enforcement photograph his flaccid penis, the articles add.

What alleged crime ostensibly justifies this most intrusive and traumatizing investigation? The teen’s lawyer, Jessica Harbeson Foster, spoke to the newspaper: “Foster said the case began when the teen’s 15-year-old girlfriend sent photos of herself to the 17-year-old, who in turn sent her the video in question. The girl has not been charged, and her mother filed a complaint about the boy’s video.”

The crime of which he stands accused?

“Two felony charges, for possession of child pornography and manufacturing child pornography, which could lead not only to incarceration until he’s 21, but inclusion on the state sex offender data base for, possibly, the rest of his life,” the Post reports. ”

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ESPN The Body Issue: Is It Ever Right To Pose Nude?…

ESPN The Body Issue: Is It Ever Right To Pose Nude?

“How many American kids are allowed to see the ESPN The Body Issue? Would you let your kids page through it, saying “Here, honey….you should try to look just like Venus Williams. And here, let me show you Gary Player. He’s Grandpa’s age. Okay? Let’s go for that!”

I can’t imagine any parents out there who would willingly show ESPN The Magazine Body Issue to their young children.”

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Update: Virginia Cops Abandon Plan to Coercively Photograph Nude…

Update: Virginia Cops Abandon Plan to Coercively Photograph Nude Teen’s Erection – Hit & Run :

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Nudists go shark-spotting at Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium
Nudists go shark-spotting at Newquay’s Blue Reef Aquarium
There are few things more frightening than a close encounter with a man-eating shark. But a tank full of the toothy fish combined with a large group of visiting nudists could perhaps top that. On Thursday 10 a group of naturists wisited Newquay’s Blue 

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National Nude Day: Bare it All and Love It | Ellen Dolgen…

National Nude Day: Bare it All and Love It | Ellen Dolgen

“Loving yourself is the first step to accepting others. Acceptance is the first step to awareness and guess what with awareness, we’re right back to mindfulness. So, give your DNA a rest from constant stress and anxiety, which leads to early aging. It’s time to enjoy this new chapter of your life and release those self-doubts about…well everything! Live free and love it. ”

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syntheticpubes: by Randy Craig


by Randy Craig

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Nudist-Approved: Enjoy The Top 10 Nude Beaches In America |…

Nudist-Approved: Enjoy The Top 10 Nude Beaches In America | YourTango

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#FreetheNipple and NoMorePage3: Changing Our View of…

#FreetheNipple and NoMorePage3: Changing Our View of Women’s Breasts | Elisabeth Dale

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dorothy-lynn: Anxious in the city.


Anxious in the city.

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Cara Delevingne and Her Nipples Are Trying to Get Kicked Off Instagram

Cara Delevingne and Her Nipples Are Trying to Get Kicked Off Instagram
In the selfie (though we can’t be sure this is a photo of Cara herself), thenudie subjects have drawn to highlight the hypocrisy of the standards. She also regrammed a photo Suki Waterhouse posted earlier this afternoon of a nipple-printed bikini top 

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mvwphoto: There’s not enough male nudity , I hear. And sure,…

mvwphoto: There’s not enough male nudity , I hear. And sure,...

“There’s not enough male nudity”, I hear.
 And sure, why not. Let’s start with another self portrait. Why would I not do what I expect my models to do? Yeah, I know, I am not 20, but so what?

FG_AUTHORS: Naked Artists, Photographers and Musicians…

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Donne e parasoleGli altri hanno forse il diritto di aspettarsi che siamo attraenti per loro? La nostra società si è abituata talmente ad essere nutrita di esperienze visive attraenti, che alcune persone ritengono di avere questo diritto. Siamo ormai soliti giudicare il valore di un individuo sulla base del suo aspetto, mentre prestiamo poca attenzione al suo carattere, alle sue azioni, al suo spirito o alle sue intenzioni. Siamo perfino arrivati a estendere lo stesso tipo di giudizio su noi stessi, e svalutiamo ciò che siamo rispetto a ciò che appariamo.

Alcune persone hanno la fortuna (spesso facendo qualche sforzo) di apparire visivamente attraenti per la maggioranza della popolazione, anche se è forse opportuno rammentare che siamo esseri che hanno opinioni e preferenze diverse: quello che può essere ritenuto attraente da uno, potrebbe essere stimato poco bello da un altro. In realtà, la soluzione è che dobbiamo imparare a rispettarci reciprocamente così come siamo, senza aspettarci che gli altri corrispondano ai nostri personali criteri di attrattività. Dobbiamo apprezzare la nostra diversità e il nostro essere umani, resistendo alla tentazione di giudicare gli altri con il parametro delle nostre aspettative di bellezza o di perfezione.

L’esperienza nudista ci insegna questa semplice verità: ci insegna a ritenere ogni corpo perfetto nella sua unicità, nella sua umanità. Le imperfezioni, le cicatrici, i segni lasciati dal tempo sul corpo di una persona riflettono il suo essere e la sua storia. Certo, ciascuno di noi può trovare certi corpi più attraenti e altri meno: d’altronde è questo primo impulso dato dall’attraenza che ci spinge a instaurare relazioni con gli altri. È importante, però, riuscire a non sviluppare la tendenza a ritenere degno di approvazione o di attenzione soltanto chi ci pare attraente. La pratica del nudismo ci abitua a fare anche questo: a non giudicare gli altri in base al loro aspetto, a non soppesare i dettagli del loro corpo, ma a guardarli nel profondo degli occhi per scoprire il loro animo.

Siamo nati nudi. La nudità è lo stato normale dell’umanità. Quando siamo nudi, siamo più liberi e più sensibili a ciò che ci circonda, siamo più schietti, più tolleranti e più aperti alla scoperta di ciò che è diverso da noi. La nudità non è pornografica e non è affatto una cosa sbagliata, nonostante le affermazioni di chi vuole fraintendere o è guidato dalla paura. Essere nudi non è un segnale di disponibilità sessuale o di impudicizia: è colui che ritiene il contrario a essere nel torto, non l’essere umano che sta nudo!

Liberamente tradotto da ETA Naturists.

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New Zealand Beats England In Nude Rugby Match

download (size: 12 MB )



Cast: TheGailyGrind


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A NUDIE DIGEST- July 10, 2014

Las Vegas mothers protest right to breastfeed in public | Las…

Las Vegas mothers protest right to breastfeed in public | Las Vegas Review-Journal

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Breast sculptures by Tunbridge Wells artist go on display in…

Breast sculptures by Tunbridge Wells artist go on display in London | Kent and Sussex Courier

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Topless tourism: The naked truth – Travel – NZ Herald News…

Topless tourism: The naked truth – Travel – NZ Herald News

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Uh, Did You Know There’s a Naked Trail Run in the Poconos? | Be…

Uh, Did You Know There’s a Naked Trail Run in the Poconos? | Be Well Philly

“I’ve now given you nearly a year’s advance notice for the 2015 Bouncing Buns Clothing Optional 7K Trail Run, date TBD, at nudist vacation destination Sunny Rest Resort in Palmerton, PA. And yes, that is the race’s real name.”

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German Nudist Clubs Shed Members Faster Than Clothes

German Nudist Clubs Shed Members Faster Than Clothes
But times are changing for the movement known in German simply as “FKK”, short for Frei-Koerper-Kultur or “free body culture”. “Society is changing,” laments Kurt Fischer, president of the German Federation ofNaturist Clubs (DFK), in an interview with 

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Spanish naturist paradise bans nudity by mistake

Spanish naturist paradise bans nudity by mistake
The town is also the only place in Spain to have naturist hotel and town authorities advertise their main beach as “the best naturist beach resort in the world”. So why start slapping fines of €100 to €300 on tourists whose main reason for being in 
Management of ‘naturalist’ town in Spain accidentally bans nudity

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A few months ago, a Facebook friend posted a photo. In a black and white frame, she was breastfeeding her child. Truthfully, my initial reaction was, “why would you put that shit online?” But my reaction changed when she posted this (photo below) a few hours later.


Immediately, my inner feminist voice came out. “How dare society sexualize the nourishment of children and their mothers! Nudity or pornography?!” But, I had to catch myself. Moments ago, I was disturbed by the photo. I was uncomfortable by a mother feeding her child. Why? I was uncomfortable because censorship has sexualized women’s breasts. It has framed a women’s nipple to be pornographic.

Today, it is illegal for women to be topless, including breastfeeding, in 35 U.S. states. Women can be arrested, serve up to three years in jail, and face thousands of dollars in fines. For 80 years, men have practiced their right to be topless in public. I’m sorry, what? Topless men were illegal? It wasn’t until 1936 that men earned their right to go topless, thanks to the redesigned trunk suit. Men earned their right due to the difference of male and female breast. Here is a photo to support this statement.


To find out more differences, please continue your reading  After recognizing biology, the law still stands. It is still illegal until something happens. Thankfully, it is happening right now.


Inspired by real events, Free The Nipple is a film, documenting real topless women in New York City. Basically, a giant suck it to censorship. It is a gender equality movement, to empower women to find their voice. Celebrities such as Scout Willis, Cara Delevingne, and Rihanna are strong supporters.


The Topless Free Equal Rights Association – an online resource to help further educate women and censorship. It has an up to date timeline of how the movement is growing.


You can still support and keep your shirt on. Scroll down to check out the TaTa Top, created by Robyn Graves and Michelle Lytle.


Narcissister, A New York artist, is promoting a “self-acceptance and unadulterated freedom for women and their breasts everywhere.”

Join the movement. Fear has no power over the female nipple anymore.

Disclaimer: This piece is not responsible for any destruction of bras.

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If boobs didn’t have nipples, would it still be wrong for women to walk around topless?

If mens pectorials were as large and firm as womens, would they need to wear shirts?

I have pretty much less then an A Cup. I’m sure fat guys have more boobs then me. But am I still required to where a shirt…

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FINE ART PAINTINGMunch, Edvard (Norwegian) – Bathing girls -…

Munch, Edvard (Norwegian) – Bathing girls – 1892

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” Suffolk Sun “

101215 25 28

The long weekend off we had planned turned out to be disappointing,on Friday I had my first job interview for sometime with a marketing company.The MD talked the talk about his fabulous company,then offered commission only work 6 days a week 10 hours a day, door to door canvassing.After the interview I had a taster half day on saturday before terminating it at lunchtime,which mean another day was ruined. Sunday was a little better but cloudy,going over to Arcadians for a few hours before driving down to Southend to have lunch then returning home around 6. So it was left to Monday to rescue the short break,which I’m glad to say it did with ease. Wanting to get out of Chelmsford we headed North East away from the Tour De France and the road closures into Suffolk then along the A12 towards Southwold. On our travels we’ve been to many coastal areas in Norfolk,Suffolk,Essex and Kent and as we don’t have long holidays I like exploring places I’ve not yet been to. We stopped briefly in Southwold before moving on to a small village on the coast called Kessingland.


Kessingland is a large village in the Waveney District of the English county of Suffolk. It is located around 4 miles south of Lowestoft. It is of interest to archaeologists as Palaeolithic and Neolithic implements have been found here,the remains of an ancient forest lie buried on the seabed.There has been a settlement here since Palaeolithic times. Between the Hundred River and Latmer Dam there was once a large estuary which was used by the Vikings and Romans.The village comprised two separate communities: the “beach” and the “street” and it was not until the 1960s that more housing united the village into a single community. The population is little over 4,000 – though this can double due to the holiday-makers in the many chalets and holiday villages in the area


St Edmund’s church is one of the finest in the region. With an imposing tower 300-foot (91 m) it was built in 1436 for the Franscicans of London. The tower, built like many coastal Churches to act as a beacon by ships out at sea, constitutes the majority of the medieval structure, the rest having been rebuilt in the ensuing centuries.


Sir H. Rider Haggard, novelist, was born in Bradenham, and later in his life spent his summers at Kessingland in a cliff-top house called the Grange. He was visited here by his friend Rudyard Kipling. In a letter to Haggard dated 20 July 1912, his daughter Lillias documented a sighting of a Sea Serpent off the coast of Kessingland: “we are convinced we saw a sea serpent!I happened to look up when I was sitting on the lawn, and saw what looked like a thin, dark line with a blob at one end, shooting through the water at such a terrific speed it hardly seemed likely that anything alive could go at such a pace…I suppose it was about 60 feet long.” The letter was printed in the Eastern Daily Press.


We stopped for an ice cream and quickly decided that there was too much going on and we’d head for the quieter village of Covehithe a couple of miles down the coast.Covehithe is a hamlet and civil parish in the Waveney district. It lies on the North Sea coast around 4 miles north of Southwold and 7 miles south of Lowestoft. Neighbouring settlements include Benacre, South Cove and Frostenden.The coastline in the Covehithe area suffers from the highest rate of erosion in the UK,and the settlement has suffered significant loss of land and buildings in the past.



A possible section of Roman road has been discovered in the parish which, along with pottery finds and a possible Roman enclosure, suggests that the area was inhabited in the Roman period.Anglo-Saxon remains, including a possible cemetery and evidence of sunken feature buildings, have been found in the area around St Andrew’s church and suggest habitation from the post Roman period.In the Middle Ages Covehithe prospered as a small town and during the reign of Edward I was granted a fair on the feast day of St Andrew. It takes its modern name from the de Cove family who held land there at that time, and the fact that it had a hithe, or quay, for loading and unloading small vessels.


By the 17th Century however it had fallen victim, like nearby Dunwich, to coastal erosion. The large church of St Andrew, which had been built on the back of its wealth, was largely pulled down, although its tall tower remains, and a smaller church was erected amongst the ruins in 1672.Fishing was a key industry in Covehithe, especially for herring.There is also archaeological evidence of the linen industry having been carried out at Covehithe until the 18th century.In 1910 Peter Ditchfield wrote : “At Covehithe, on the Suffolk coast, there has been the greatest loss of land. In 1887 sixty feet was claimed by the sea, and in ten years (1878-87) the loss was at the rate of over eighteen feet a year. In 1895 another heavy loss occurred between Southwold and Covehithe and a new cove formed.”Erosion caused the coastline at Covehithe to retreat more than 500 metres between the 1830s and 2001, according to contemporary Ordnance Survey maps. This can be seen most obviously on the sand cliffs above the beach where the road running from the church simply falls away down onto the beach. The only recorded pub within the village, The Anchor public house, had closed by 1882.


During World War I Covehithe airfield, a night-landing ground, was operated from 1915 to 1919 by the Royal Naval Air Service as a satellite station for RNS Great Yarmouth. The airfield, covering 33 hectares (82 acres) and equipped with searchlights and paraffin lights for night landing, was used for anti-Zeppelin patrols by the Number 73 Wing.In 1918 the station was transferred to 273 Squadron of No. 4 Group RAF which flew DH9, DH4 and Sopwith Camel aircraft from the site.The Covehithe airfield was closed in 1919, its land returned to agricultural use.


The beach is a wonderful sandy beach which is accessible via a footpath just before the church. We passed the pig farm “oink oink” through the heather to emerge onto the beach just by the salt marshes.Walking up the beach back towards the village we took advantage of the remoteness and stripped off for a while and enjoyed the sunshine and the sea. The beach is now not accessible from the road and as one can see in photos from other sources the road has just crumbled into the sea. Covehithe is another of the east coasts hidden gems along with Holkham, Sea Palling,Winterton and Blakeney.




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It was on the Bucket List – Honest!

Bucket lists are good to have. They add spice to life and a means to conquer fun goals in life. I recently added Nudism to my bucket list after the fact! I dove right into nudism then said it was on my bucket list. Well – as an excuse in case anyone I knew found out about my newest hobby. Nudism takes a bit to wrap your head around especially when society instills a silent yet understood rule about clothes.

I once thought of a resort overseas to try nudism. Let’s say Greece, in my early 20′s, but that was long time ago and forgotten about. Nudism found me this time through my boyfriend who wanted to try it out. My simple reply was “sure”. It’s easy to say “sure” and not think it will go further to the point of nudism but this time I knew it was going to happen.

Looking for resorts to try out, most were closed for the season as we only started talking about it in October. So I elected to look into local venues that hold nudist events. I did in fact find some and decided to join ON/NO.

The criteria for joining involved going to a clothed general meeting and a swim event. The meeting was a good starting point to find out more about the group. It was a year end meeting my boyfriend and I attended and left impressed at the organization. Definitely felt content with trying out an event at a pool.

In my next Blog you will learn about the first time I went for a swim in the nude at a closed public pool.

Thank you for allowing me to share this experience – Hope you enjoyed the first installment.

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Bouncing Balls at Sandy Hook

Bouncing Balls at Sandy Hook


Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook was very crowded last sunday, but not all beach-goers just lied in the sun: we spent most of the day playing with balls, namely volleyball and football (soccer for you Americans :-)) We had lots of fun and are planning to come back there this Saturday, please join! See my previous post fordiscount ferry tickets from Manhattan.

naturist volleyball 0005 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

We worked on some good (and beautiful)…

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Adult Models of ‘My Geek Goddess’ Talk Internet…

Adult Models of ‘My Geek Goddess’ Talk Internet Nudity, Female Empowerment at Florida Supercon — Fusion.

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Guys nipples used to be consider JUST as taboo as girls are currently. Up through the 1930s, a man’s nipples were considered to be just as taboo as a woman’s. Groups of men began to fight against that view and slowly started to change the public’s mind. This is the same thing that women are doing now.

In response to the sexual aspect of it, do you know how many girls swoon when a GUY with a nice chest takes his shirt off? But we’re ladies so apparently we KNOW HOW TO FUCKING KEEP IT IN OUR PANTS. Seriously, it’s not that hard.

I’m not saying that if every woman went shirtless tomorrow there wouldn’t be some trouble, but social change takes time and patience.

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blueturtleproductions: Love and fun in the sun


Love and fun in the sun

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Can you spot the naked models camouflaged into the New York…

Can you spot the naked models camouflaged into the New York skyline? – Mirror Online

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There is no ethics without aesthetics freedom.

“ If you don’t wear a T-shirt, you have no respect for yourself” Some people say to a young one who walks with his bare upper body under the august’s sun. These people think that the bare torso’s skin humiliates human person. The details of the skin, the brown color of the human surface, the soft bends of the muscles, the natural beauty that is infinitely more beautiful than any other beauty manufactured by human beings… How can so many blessings be a shame for anyone? I must add that the more we manufacture, the more electric energy must be produced. And the more we produce electric power, the more we throw carbone dioxide to the atmosphere.
“ If you don’t wear a T-shirt, you have no respect for yourself” They say, and they wear their neckties, as if the indumentary of the powerful people, of the citizens, of the Lords, was more dignified than human skin… as if only one style, or line, or mode, or way of dressing… was worthy in the life… As if only the manners of the tradition’s worshippers were worthy; the mode and the look of the guarantors of the ancestors traditions.
They put the worst barbarity and the fact of not wearing T-shirt in the same bag; the bag of the baseness. And in this same bag, they put the habit of wearing bonnet (they don’t like bonnets on kid’s heads), and the habit of not wearing swimsuit on the beach, and the habit of dressing of one or another way… Whatever custom they don’t like goes to the baseness’s bag. In spite of their reactionary words, many of them don’t explain all the thoughts they have in their minds, because they know than many of this thoughts show their intolerance and their desire to impose their culture, their moral, their ideology, their style… as if they were the only mandatory culture, the only mandatory moral, the only mandatory ideology and the only mandatory style.
Some of these people (powerful people) have created an state inside the state. They are organized. They meet occasionally to decide secret strategies seeking only one aim: to impose their civilitation, their kind of civilitation. This civilitation is based on the repression and the protocol, they want to turn some styles into social dogmas. They want to suppress the freedom of expression in everything tied with human nudity, or with human nature, or with creative freedom, or with open mind… With their fight, they keep all the fetish raised by the inquisitors and the repressors of all ages.
“ If you don’t wear a T-shirt, you have no respect for yourself” they say to a kid who is skating in Barcelona with his upper body bare. The kid wears bermuda shorts and a bonnet. He jumps with his skate on a curved track. He doesn’t disturb anyone. He doesn’t say anyone the way of dressing.
Imposing the way that people must dress is disrespectful. Forbidding the way that people want to dress is also a disrespectful. Suppressing a very important part of the human richness is a disrespectful.
The freedom of clothing is a part of the freedom of expression. The freedom of expression is the freedom of the colors, of the shapes, of the beauty of this world so wide and miscellaneus. The diversity helps us to keep our mind open to scape from castrating uniformity of those who defend and impose only one moral and one aesthetics. There is no ethics without aesthetics freedom.

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