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MAY 9, 2014

Bare Misconceptions

Since entering the lifestyle of the nude and the naked, I have stumbled across many misconceptions about nudism that I’m sure everyone is aware of. Nudism is sexy.
Yeah, not even. The point of the nudist/naturist lifestyle is that people can enjoy the freedom and lack of restraint found with shedding off outer layers in a purely non recreational, often spiritual way. Nudist resorts are sex playgrounds.
Kind of defeats the family atmosphere. Of course, things like erections happen. Chemicals and hormones and jazz. Some men get nervous erections. Others get sleepy ones. Penises are weird like that. But the chances of a sexual erection? Low. In fact, it’s not likely to even see any sort of sexual activity, much less physical evidence. Nudists are perverts.
No one is looking at you. Lets just leave that at that. Children can’t be nudists.
I have never seen a sign that said ” Adults Only ” that was innocent and wholesome. Nudism is a family activity, for everyone of all ages. My toddlers adore being naked. They understand if Mommy is dressed or dressing them, we are leaving the house. Shame is an emotion taught to us, while most children have a natural lack of inhibition with non sexual nudity. Can you think of any other stereotypes or common misconceptions?

Bare Misconceptions | Just Bare With Us

Portland, OR’s World Naked Bike Ride Outlawed – Participants To Be “Arrested On The Spot”


A conservative website writes up the Naked Bike Ride. Needless to say, they don’t approve:

This criminal event masquerading as a demonstration is still planned for the City Of Roses on June. 7th. Individuals ignoring the illegality of the ride will begin meeting around 8pm at Normandale Park, a location notorious for homosexual trolling, and illicit drug abuse. The destination of the ride is kept closely guarded and only disclosed to participants on the night of the event. We strongly suggest avoiding downtown all together on the night of the WNBR or face the possibility of encountering members of this lawless cycling sect and the troublesome mayhem they intend to wreak.

Portland, OR’s World Naked Bike Ride Outlawed – Participants To Be “Arrested On The Spot”

Petition Designate One Quarter-Mile of Tybee Island’s Beach as Clothing Optional

Georgia is a beautiful state. Living here, one learns the importance of respecting the beautiful landscapes one can find. The beauty of the land makes this state special, and it is something to be respected and celebrated. Just as we have given way to respect our environment, we must allow others to practice their beliefs.

    When you think of a nudist or naturist, what is it that first comes to mind? Many people assume that nudists are over-sexualized and vulgar. These negative stereotypes and judgments have been assimilated by America’s cultural links to Puritan and Victorian moral codes, as they have connected nakedness and sexuality together. The question is, when dealing with nudity and sexuality, is one really the cause of the other? When one is naked, should it only be seen as sexual?

   Much of American society depicts that answer as yes, however, some think differently.The practice of nudism is purposely nonsexual. It serves as a personal comfort and a stronger sense of freedom. There is the belief that nudism helps with self-esteem, relaxation, and overall well-being.

    It should also be noted that in cultures around the world, nudity is not seen as strictly as it is here in the States. Rick Steves, a journalist with the Chicago Tribune wrote within one of his articles, 

“Americans may be taken aback, but Europeans think nothing for shedding their clothes at the beach or in a public bath. Nudity is the norm.”

-(In Europe, Strip Off All Your Inhibitions).

    Yet in the end, I am not here to convert you to believe in one or the other, but rather ask that we respect each belief.

   This is why I believe, as a resident of Savannah, Georgia, that a section of Tybee Island’s Beach should be designated as clothing optional. Tybee Island stretches out over 2 sq miles. With only one-quarter mile designated as clothing optional, more than 2.45 miles of the beach would still be left as “clothing-required” — or however you want to term it. In this, we give way for everyone to go to the beach however they choose. As many will want to go to a clothing-required beach, they will definitely have the choice within more than 2.7 miles of land; and for those who recommend clothing optional, they may now have the option also.

    I love this country we live in. One statement I read by a journalist named Larry Darter in an online article on nudism read, “After all, personal freedom is one of the hallmarks of democracy” (Stereotypical Naturism). This statement is very true. I am asking that the city of Tybee Island allow all people to practice our personal freedom and designate one-quarter mile of Tybee Island’s Beach as clothing optional. If you agree, please sign your name and spread the word.

Petition Designate One Quarter-Mile of Tybee Island’s Beach as Clothing Optional

I AM A NUDIST | Nu Pacifique and Nudist Stories


How A Family Became Nudist!
(Summer, 2009) My family became nudist last summer. We built a pool three years ago and at night I would take off my suit and swim nude. I loved it. One of my boys came to ask something. He never asked, instead he shouted “Mom you aren’t wearing anything.”
We talk about skinny dipping that night. I asked if he was embarrassed. He said no. This became a nightly ritual; I didn’t put my suit on before going out to the pool.
On day while sunning by the pool, I got hot and dove in with my suit on. After a minute, I took my suit off and got out of the pool nude. I was nude all day. I went in to cook dinner I never got dressed. My husband (Jim) and boys (Brian and JT) were shocked to see me cooking naked. I started going nude all the time.
The next day, I laid by the pool, nude. My husband worked most of the day in the yard. He showered off and came out wearing only a towel. He sat and we talked about my “show” last night. He asked if I would have ******** and gone nude, I told him I never wanted to wear a bathing suit again in our pool. We grilled and ate by the pool that day.
The next weekend, I got home from work and took off my clothes and went straight to the pool. Brian came out to swim; he asked if I was going to put a suit on. I told him I was going to be nude in our pool from now on. I asked him if that was OK with him. He said I was weird. I told him Dad and I have decided that we are not wearing suits anymore but he still could. He swam for awhile. He got out and went to the patio door undressed and wrapped a towed around himself and went inside (they must be dry to go inside- dad’s rule). He later came back out and put on the wet bathing suit. I got out of the pool and dried off and asked what he wanted for dinner, he said hamburgers. Jim asked about dinner and I told Hamburgers. He started the grill and I went inside to get hamburgers. When I came out I saw a soggy suit next to the pool. Brian was in the pool and not wearing a suit.
When the hamburgers were ready I opened the door and yelled to JT dinners ready. He came out and saw all of us naked and said “guess you are all nudist now”. We ate dinner and talked about wearing clothes and why our pool now was clothing optional. He was OK as long as he didn’t have to participate.
At home clothes were a thing of the past. Nude was now the way I was unless we had visitors. When they did come by I would put on a swim cover-up. I was nude when possible, clothed when practical.
I talk to Jim about going away to a nudist resort; he said no way. I eventually convinced him to go. So our first time was at Caliente in Land O Lakes, Florida. We loved it. What a place we had the best time. Our trip was perfect. We rented a condo and were nude for seven days straight. Late one night, I even went to McDonald’s nude; I just wrapped a towel around me.
Driving home we talked about bringing the boys back with us, JT didn’t have any interest in being nude other than in the shower. Brian would swim nude but get dressed afterwards. So maybe this was too much to ask of them.
We told Brian and JT about our trip and asked if they would be interested. Brian said, “Sounds great, when can we go?”
JT said, “No way”
JT is twelve and Brian is ten. I could understand JT not wanting any part of this. Although comfortable with us not wearing clothes at home, he wasn’t ready to be nude or at a place where others are nude.
We had trip to Disney planned for July and thought maybe we would swing by a nudist resort for a day. Brian went online and looked up nudist resorts around Disney. He found Cypress Cove. Brian started sleeping nude, and sometimes just lounging around nude.
One night JT went swimming by himself. He dove in and swam to the other side of the pool. I watched him out of the window. He swam and played until Brian came and jumped in. they played and swam for about an hour. I watched the whole time and JT didn’t get out. The next morning I went to clean the pool and in the bottom of the deep end was JT’s bathing suit.
I was outside sitting by the pool, now my tan is nice and even. I was getting darker every day. JT came and sat by me, and asked if we went to Disney would he have to go nude if we went to Cypress Cove. I told him he could dress or undress as he wanted no one would force him to be nude. He told me about swimming nude at night and how much he had liked not wearing a suit. I told him that is how I started and his dad still will wear a suit sometimes. He wanted to know if there would be kids his age at the resort. I told him I think so. He went back inside and Brian came out with a towel wrapped around him. I asked Brian if he left his suit in the bottom of the pool. He said it was JT’s because he never swims with one.
After talking to JT, I asked if there was somewhere he wanted to go while we were at Disney. He said no and asked where we would be staying. I told him we would stay at Disney. He told me Brian wants to stay at “the nudist place.” I asked him what he thought. He just said, “I don’t care as long as I don’t have to be nude.”
I talked to Jim; he couldn’t believe JT would be open to the idea. We made reservation at Cypress Cove.
On the drive down the boys watched a movie with their headphones. I told Jim I was happy we were going to Cypress Cove with the boys. Jim told me he made reservations at a hotel: just-in-case JT freaks out. JT told me,” I didn’t know you wanted to go with us here so bad.” I told him I want to be a full-time nudist with my family but, I’m not going to force this on you. We can go stay at a hotel. He said he was “OK” with this.
We arrived at Cypress Cove on Friday, around noon. I was undressed a soon as we cleared the gate.
Brian shouted, “I see naked people.”
JT said, “And they are all old.”
“Yes” Jim said,
We found our condo and it overlooked the pool. Jim and the boys unloaded the car. JT went into the bathroom and locked the door. Brian stared out the window and watched all the other kids playing. JT open the door and stepped out nude and said, “I’m a nudist now.”
We grabbed our towels, sunscreen and my book and headed for the pool. JT wrapped in the towel and followed close behind. We found four chairs, I sat and looked around and the boys were gone. They surfaced on the other side of the pool. They played with some younger kids. We were all enjoying our nudist vacation.
We got up and asked the boys what they wanted to do today. They were ready for Disney. We got dressed and drove to Disney. I wore a Cypress Cove t-shirt and shorts no underwear. Jim wore the same. After two hours at Epcot, JT said lets go back and swim. Brian wanted to do one more ride, so after that we headed back to “The Cove” as the boy called it.
We were back at “The Cove” by two o clock. This time JT was nude before we were in the gate. Brian soon followed his brother by taking off his clothes. Brian said he never wanted to wear clothes again. We spent the rest of Saturday by the pool. The boys meet other kids their age and we would see them only for a brief moment. JT complained about how white he was compared to me. I told him he would darken up by the end of the week.
Sunday I got the boys up and we cook breakfast in our condo. The boys asked if we were going back to Disney. I asked if they wanted to go Brian said no and JT said he didn’t care. I talked to them and asked them if we didn’t go could they find fun things to do here. JT said, “I’m happy here, it is too hot and too many people at Disney.”
JT and Brian were in the pool all day. I sat and watched them play. It was like JT and Brian were best friends. No typical older-younger brother rivalry. JT came and sat by me. And I said your tan is darker today then yesterday. He smiled. A twelve year girl walked by and smiled at him. I have a feeling JT will be a life-long nudist now.
We talked for a while he wanted to know if he could text his friends. I told him OK, but they might think it is weird. Some I told him might make fun of him. He decided to wait to tell them later. I went inside to get a drink. When I came back JT was talking to that girl that smiled at him. She told him she has grown up as a nudist since she was a baby. Her mom and dad live in a community called Paradise Valley in North Georgia. He asked her if her friends at school know she said “of course.” Brian told me later he saw them hold hands. The girl went home the next day. She text JT all the way home.
With the money we saved by not going to Disney we bought a hot tub and a pool heater.
On the way home the boys slept. Jim and I talked about being full-time nudist. Jim wasn’t as excited about telling people or hosting parties. I love being nude and told him no more clothes to be worn around the house. He agreed, but I sensed discomfort in my idea.
When we got home and the boys unloaded the car, went to their rooms and went to bed. Jim and I stayed up and went thru the mail.

We are now full-time nudist
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I AM A NUDIST | Nu Pacifique and Nudist Stories

Why clothes free? | Clothes Free UK

So I suppose I should tell you a little about my motivations for this blog. The following passage pretty well sums it up for me. Its the feeling of the warmth on my skin, the touch of the breeze and the feeling of freedom, I gain from being clothes free. The feeling is second to none, well almost anyway. Why worry about who’s better dressed than you? Being in one’s natural state is a great leveller of status and class, and above all it is more comfortable. After all we were never designed to wear clothes!

Why clothes free? | Clothes Free UK