It’s an event we support, though we don’t have the same enthusiasm for the group that started it (it’s a weird quasi-religious outfit whose beliefs involve UFOs and extraterrestrials) and though the official event in New York is often overrun by pervy guys and aggressive reporters covering the event in the laziest and most cynical ways possible. But for all its flaws, it’s fundamentally a good thing: a time when women get together and demonstrate that equality is important and that toplessness is equally reasonable for both genders.

And now that the day has passed, we’re going to go back to doing what we do, quietly and in a relaxed, natural fashion, all summer long (and spring and fall, too, weather permitting). Because in the world we choose to live in, every day is Go Topless Day.

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society on GoTopless.org’s yearly “GoTopless Day” event. (via topfreeliving)

…the human body can remain nude and uncovered and preserve intact its splendor and its beauty……Nakedness as such is not to be equated with physical shamelessness…Immodesty is present only when nakedness plays a negative role with regard to the value of the person…The human body is not in itself shameful…

Karol Cardinal Woytyla (Pope John Paul II), Love & Responsibility, 1981 (via deaf-naturist)

Why be a nudist? I have been asked why anyone would want to participate in something that seemly few people choose as a lifestyle, or even understand for that matter. What’s the idea?

No one is born ashamed of their body. If you had never been told to cover up and you had always seen nude people from time to time would it be a big deal?

For some nudism is just about the feeling of the air, water and sun on the skin and the comfort of not being restricted in clothing. Nobody showers or bathes in a bathing suit, right? Most people will try kicking pajamas off when they are warm under the covers. Anyone will run from the bathroom to the bedroom if they think they won’t get caught. Most people can relate to this.

It’s the concept of social nudity that becomes a sticking point. Some equate nudity with poverty and humiliation. Some think nudity is only about sex. Some just hate the way they look. Some people just have a phobia like others have with spiders or public speaking.

What happens if you don’t think that way? What if you think the human body is a work of art? Or scientifically amazing? What if you think all body parts are just parts we all have? What if you think both genders are equal? What if you can control your sex drive? What if you are not humiliated? What if you try social nudity and find your fear goes away?

Clothing does not grow into our skin and become a part of us. It is an artificial covering. It’s use is arbitrary from burkas to bikinis, space suits to speedos. The rules for clothing are just ideas that change by place or time.

The traditions of a culture build over thousands of years. Old ideas are traded for new ideas but the old ideas never completely go away. Layers of thinking eventually bring change but most people just go with the prevailing thought of their time.

In some cultures nudity faces little opposition and is not considered a specific alternate lifestyle. You can see nudity in newspapers and in tv commercials and is not such a big deal. In other cultures it is outlawed and you could face death by being nude in public. It’s all just opinions and ideas.

Nudism is an idea too. It’s a philosophy, it’s a social statement, it reflects values and morals. It’s a way of honoring and showing respect to humanity. It’s about equality, liberty and even community. Its about being ok with yourself and accepting of others. Get the idea?

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A family on a healthy diet can expect to pay $2,000 more a year for food than one having less nutritious meals, say researchers who recommend that the cost gap be closed. The research in Thursday’s issue of British Medical Journal Open reviewed 27 studies from 10 high-income countries to evaluate the price differences of foods and diet patterns.

“Healthy eating adds $2,000 a year to family grocery bill”, CBC News

Let the record reflect the conclusive result of empirical research spanning 27 studies from 10 countries: healthy eating is fucking expensive and people who deny this reality are annoying and full of shit.

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And then you need to add in that healthy food needs more refrigeration and more equipment for preparation.

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Can we just take a minute to think about how, if I were to put up an identifiable nude picture of myself, on my own blog, taken in my own bathroom, it could come back around an ruin my life?

let’s just think about how, no matter what I do with my life – become a teacher, a lawyer, a scientist, a professor – a photograph of my naked body could render largely null and void the value that others would be willing to give to me.

It would not matter if I were a virgin – it would not matter if I meant them for a lover’s eyes only – it would not matter whether or not I did it for money – my own naked body could actually ruin my life and my work.

Can we just think about that? That is powerful, and not in a good way.

There’s a group of people that worry about this all the time..naturists! It can’t ruin every kind of career, but it is an issue. It shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t be an unforgivable crime to show anyone and everyone what your body looks like. What you look like basically. How does a nude photograph in any way reflect on how good of a teacher or scientist or lawyer you are? It doesn’t. We need to de-stigmatize nudity so people don’t have to worry about getting fired every time they go to a nude beach or every time they post a photo of themselves online. 

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This is why I’m so amazed by and grateful for everyone who’s willing to put themselves out there (literally and figuratively), despite.

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I had to reblog this because TRUTH, and it had never occurred to me. I see naked bodies all the time in my line of work, & I have long since forgotten that’s even not normal. In fact, maybe I have the right of it in my line of work: bodies ARE normal. Every body is normal, & none of them should have the power to ruin our lives or careers just by existing in a natural state.

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shit I worry about a lot.

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