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Face Off: Naked and Painted blows the doors open on the burgeoning art form of body paint. Whether you’re new to the craft or a seasoned veteran, this medium will never cease dazzling. In fact, as the experts interviewed in this special agreed, the fascination with adorning the body, be it with mud, paint, or prosthetics has been around throughout all of recorded history. And it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon!

In fact, recent years have seen the capital-A Art of body painting take the spotlight from works of novelty, spectacle and scintillation. That isn’t to say that an artist can’t use their airbrush for works of whimsy or even commercial enterprises, but the perception of this practice is shifting, much to the pleasure of the owner of Naked Vegas, Red. This make-up artist-turned-leader of Las Vegas’ hottest body painting brigade is thrilled to see her work step out of the sphere of “naughty” and into the arena of the impressive and awe-inspiring.

Whether simulating clothing, transforming models into fantastical creatures, camouflaging a figure seamlessly into the background, or boggling the mind with the versatility of the body, body paint in all of its guises has emerged as a surprising, inspiring medium. The common thread that has drawn many of the artists featured to it, however, is bittersweet: Its ephemerality. Knowing that your masterpiece is one loofah away from the void is exhilarating for some, and heartbreaking for others; everyone is grateful for the invention of the camera when it comes to body paint!

And the satisfaction isn’t only for the artists. Clients are frequently baffled by the allure and versatility of the medium (It’s amazing how a naked body slathered in paint can sell almost anything!). But, as stunning as these pieces are to see, it’s the model who gets the most uniquely freeing experience out of being painted. The artists’ faces light up when recounting how their canvases undergo a metamorphosis from self-consciously hugging their chests to proudly flaunting their newly emblazoned bodies!

And even though Naked Vegas is the newest kid on the block, body painting is no stranger to Syfy’s airwaves. Both the first and second seasons of Face Offfeatured challenges that dared the competing artists to dip into a potentially new and unfamiliar bag of tricks when they sprung a room full of naked models on them! Despite being unexpected, these challenges inspired incredible moments of triumph and wit that have had staying power in the Face Off canon. From Jo’s turning a rookie mistake into a challenge win to Tom addressing a tricky situation with humor, improvisation, and a plant in his model’s butt-crack, to Brea having to reapply her entire makeup after her model couldn’t hold up to the rigors of being a body paint subject, these challenges stole the spotlight and reminded fans across the country about the spirit of artistic tenacity that setsFace Off apart from its contemporaries.

Of course, no episode of Face Off is complete without a jaw-dropping transformation. So, while the cameras were rolling, the cast of Naked Vegasdropped by the lab to demonstrate two styles of body painting in front of McKenzie’s eyes. Red and Heather whipped up treacherously gorgeous rendition of the gorgon, Medusa that could freeze you on the spot if she weren’t so hot! And Nix (a Face Off alum ironically eliminated just before his season’s body painting challenge) and Wiser literally painted their model into a corner as they made her disappear against the Face Off wall with a highly technical camouflage job.

The results, unsurprisingly, were stunning, and McKenzie even let the models get in a few words: A Face Off first! But in the world of body paint, seeing is believing, so don’t just take our words for it; check out our galleries and share your favorite looks with the uninitiated. Happy painting!

A buff, naked guy wakes, pads lithely through his luxury home, works out, swims, and makes coffee, all while still nude. Some might call it soft pornography, but for PlatinumHD Provid, an Australian marketer of high end homes, it’s just another way to sell real estate. The 2.23 minute video, for private beachfront home 92 Savoy Drive, features well known Australian model Ryan Burke showing off his own…assets. Burke is nude during the entire video, though frontal nudity is cleverly camouflaged by a sink, a staircase or a weight bench. A nude woman sleeps face down on a sofa while Burke undertakes his morning ritual, but she’s merely an accessory on the scene. At the close of the video, Burke, still nude, answers the door to a fully clothed man – presumably a realtor – who hands him a pair of pants and then, addressing the camera, extols the privacy of the luxury home. PlatinumHD Provid must know what it’s doing. The home, valued at about $2,185,000, sold after just 3,800 hits to the video. But we wonder how many of those were repeat viewers, keen to get one more look at Burke’s chiseled real estate. (via Buff naked guy sells luxury real estate | Naturist Diary)


Even though nudity is oficially legal at Bay to Breakers due to an exemption that has been legislated into the nudity ban SF Cheif of Police Greg Suhr put himself above the law and harassed and cited people for nudity this past Sunday.

I went to bay to Breakers to see how serious the SFPD was about breaking the law that was created by the Board of supervisors and approved by the Mayor. Apparently, Greg Suhr is above the law.

Here is some footage of me getting cited at the very beginning of the race and then harassed on 2 other occasions by 3 cops.

(via Wreck Beach: Nude, Different, and Doomed? (video) –

Wreck Beach: Nude, Different, and Doomed? (video)
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wreck beach sex
Sex on the beach is nothing new – click
Go there and be bare, experience the atmosphere! Expect the unexpected and many different sorts of folks, but don’t go home and complain that you found exactly what you might have thought you’d find! It’s Wreck Beach and it’s supposed to be ‘different’!

But unfortunately, some of the folks who use this beach don’t seem to subscribe to our usual nudist/naturist principles and ideas of acceptable behavior. They care nothing about preserving this special place for those who know how to behave. This free beach may, sadly, disappear as so many have before. That’s guaranteed if local real nudists don’t stand up and demand appropriate behavior. So far, they haven’t and the government has an excuse to move in. That’s never a good sign.

Some legitimate beach users now find themselves defending the offenders and protesting police efforts to curtail excessive illegal drug sales/use and sexual activity at the beach. The explanation is that there isn’t really a problem and it will ‘ruin’ the atmosphere. What ‘atmosphere’ is it that they wish to preserve? Stupid drunkednness? Overdoses? Blow-jobs in the dunes?

They may have chosen the wrong side here. There are limits to tolerable behavior and the police can only overlook so much ‘freedom’. Beaches around the world are having increasing problems with ‘outsiders’ who don’t respect the rare thing that they have. They use, abuse, and when the beach closes, go somewhere else to cause their mischief.

Then where do the nudists/naturists go?

Read about the effort to prevent saving this beach: Wreck Beach Nudists Don’t Want Police Watching Them and watch the video for more information.

Here’s the Petition to UBC Detachment of RCMP
Do You Agree With RCMP setting Up A Tent? Online poll

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